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Save Money On Energy Bills With This One Simple Hack

Vicky Parry 5th Aug 2022 One Comment

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Save money on energy bills. We are all more than aware that energy bills are rising drastically across the country, and UK residents are looking for ways to keep their costs down. Did you know there is a button on your boiler that can save money on your bill?

Most boilers, like other appliances, have different modes, and one of them – Comfort Mode – should be avoided if you want to shave off some pennies.

Comfort Mode is a smart mode that uses an algorithm to learn how long it takes to heat your home, then ensures your home gets warmed up when you need it, so that you’re not wasting energy… BUT there is a much more energy efficient mode you can use: Eco Mode, which uses less energy than Comfort Mode.

Eco Mode means there is a slight delay when you start running you water, so it won’t be as instant to heat when you need it, but this slight adjustment will actually save you money.

Experts have also advised turning the overall flow temperature down on the hot water, so that cooler water will find its way into your radiators. The HHIC (Heating and Hot Water Council) discovered that turning down the flow temperature on a condensing boiler could save you around seven percent on your gas bills: surely worth doing!

This and other great tips to save money on energy bills are all part of the Super Smart Energy Saving Campaign that we are a part of. To read other top tips click here. 

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1 year ago

Good tip.

Jasmine Birtles

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Jasmine Birtles

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