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What to do if you can’t pay your bills

7th Mar 2024

So what can you do if you can’t pay your debt? What happens if you can’t cover your rent, your energy bills or your council tax? We round up your options below. Most importantly – don’t ever ignore a bill. It won’t go away and the problem will only get worse. Ask for help Are…

Energy Price Cap to Fall From April

23rd Feb 2024

News broke today that come April, the energy price cap will fall 12.3% to £1,690. This means there will be a fall of £238 for typical dual fuel household Whilst this fall is a very welcome relief to many households, and is a step in the right direction. Bills are still way above what they…

Boiler Expert Shares Exact Heat to Keep Energy Prices Down

8th Oct 2023

Our energy bills seem to be going up every day! But I know a heating engineer who has some easy tweaks you can make to your heating system – and to your home – that will cut your bill by hundreds, or even thousands, over the year. Harland Guscott runs Guscott Heating in Kent and…

Insulation – save money and conserve energy

7th Sep 2023

The facts and figures in this article were correct at the time of publication. With gas and electricity prices set to soar thanks to the current crisis and another cold winter not far away, all of us want to cut our energy costs as much as we can. By making sure your home is properly insulated you…

Kitchen Hacks on How to Energy Crisis Proof Your Kitchen

11th Jul 2023

Make your kitchen energy crisis proof.  All we read and hear about in the news at the moment is how to spend less money, how to deal with rising bills, and how to try to cut those bills. It can be very depressing and daunting but this guide will help you to save money on…

Reduce Carbon Footprint by Lowering Electricity Bills

19th Jun 2023

If you thought that simply turning off appliances was enough to save energy, think again. According to recent research, today’s connected homes are more power-hungry than ever, thanks to a multitude of devices that are always switched on at the wall or left running when not in use.   There are around 67 million people in…

What’s the Latest on The Energy Price Cap?

20th Mar 2023

Energy regulator Ofgem recently announced its quarterly update to the energy price cap for the period 1 April – 30 June 2023.     From 1 April, the energy price cap will be set at an annual level of £3,280 for a dual fuel household paying by direct debit based on typical consumption, a reduction of almost…

Can You Really Save Money on Your Energy Bill with an App?

17th Mar 2023

This is a paid post on behalf of ivie Thinking about how much energy we’re using has become part of our daily lives. Before April, most people would maybe only contemplate the cost of living when they looked at their energy bill or gave a meter reading. Even then, not many of us had to…

900,000 more households to receive energy bill support

1st Mar 2023

900,000 more households to receive energy bill support. Almost one million households across England, Scotland and Wales will benefit from the government’s £400 help with energy bills. An online application portal opened on Monday. This allows households without a direct relationship to an electricity supplier, such as those living in park homes or care homes,…

Big energy saving week: Save up to £1,500 per year!

17th Jan 2023

Big Energy Saving Week: Save up to £1,500 per year  It has been a bitterly cold start to the year. With millions of Brits across the country still working remotely or in a hybrid working arrangement, much more of our time is being spent in the comfort of our own home.  Although this can be…

Is your supplier going to change your energy bill?

29th Dec 2022

Is your energy supplier making a change to your bill in January?  According to the BBC, many of the biggest energy suppliers in Britain have contacted customers regarding a minimal price change, which will begin in the new year. These changes come as a price change to the cost per unit of energy from 1st…

Claim tax back on energy costs if you work remotely

14th Dec 2022

Can you claim tax back when you work from home? It’s cold, gloomy and the days are shorter than we may like. Snow has fallen in many parts of the UK, with many opting to work from home during this period to avoid traffic and delays on their commutes.  But with this comes the worry…