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What is a dividend yield? 5 top UK shares paying a high income

15th Jul 2022

Here’s how a dividend yield works, along with 5 top UK shares paying high levels of income to shareholders who invest in these stocks.

What are penny stocks and are cheap shares worth investing in?

9th Jul 2022

Here’s all you need to know about penny stocks and shares. We’ll explain if these investments are actually cheap, popular options, and how to invest.

Free money: how to get your hands on it now!

6th Jul 2022

Free money. It doesn’t exist right? Wrong…well, you can get back money you didn’t know you had. That certainly exists. Millions of pounds-worth of it in fact! An easy way to make money is by looking for old accounts, lost pensions and missing assets. You might be surprised at what’s there for you. Plus, we’ve…

A complete beginner’s guide to alternative investments and art investing

17th May 2022

Here’s a complete beginner’s guide to alternative investments like art. Showing you other ways to invest outside of stocks, shares, and bonds.

How to build a diversified and profitable cryptocurrency portfolio

28th Apr 2022

Here’s how you can build yourself a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio to minimise your losses and maximise profits with your crypto holdings.

What is a brokerage account and why do you need one? A complete explanation for beginners

14th Apr 2022

Here’s a complete guide explaining what a brokerage account is, how they work, and tips for getting set up with an online stock broker.

ISA Usage and What Types of Investor Can really Benefit from an ISA

2nd Mar 2022

ISA usage has grown in popularity recently, after losing customers when the Personal Savings Allowance was launched in 2016. After that tax break was introduced, ISA use dropped by 13% in a year. Finally, the number of ISA accounts opened has finally risen above pre-2016 levels as a total of 13m ISA accounts were opened…

Should I set up a Junior ISA for my child?

16th Feb 2022

Should I set up a Junior ISA (JISA) for my child? The answer is probably yes. These long-term savings accounts mean you can put together some tax-free cash for your child. Whether it be for university fees, travelling or a down payment on a house – you’ll be setting them up well. They are also…

Self-Select ISAs: Keep Your Investments in Your Hands!

1st Feb 2022

Interest rates are shockingly low. Your cash ISA may offer a measly 2% or so – IF you’re willing to lock your money away for a fixed term (and that doesn’t take into account inflation, either). Stocks and shares are the best way to generate an income and grow your wealth with a long-term strategy….

What is a LISA and should I get one?

1st Feb 2022

A Lifetime ISA (LISA) can help you buy your first home or save for retirement. A whopping 25% Government bonus gets paid on your savings – who can say no to free money?! Here, we break down the LISA rules and whether you should consider opening one. ISA basics What is a Lifetime ISA? Who…

Junior ISAs

1st Feb 2022

The Junior ISA is a great way to make your child rich. Find out the rules here and how you can use them to build up a great pot of cash for your little one.

SIPP vs ISAs: Which to Choose?

1st Feb 2022

Preparing for your retirement funds may feel odd if it’s a long way off – or worrying, if you’re close to retiring. Arming yourself with info about investment options helps take away the worry. One consideration is whether you should invest in a SIPP vs ISA. What are they, what’s the difference, and which is…