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Should I Buy the Dip on the Stock Market?

2nd Jul 2020

Due to the coronavirus outbreak we’ve seen some of the worst weeks on the stock market since the 2008 financial crash. Even the generally stable FTSE 100 suffered its largest one-day crash in March this year since 1987. That being said, when the stock market plummets it often actually proves to be a great time…

Is It Time to Change Pension Provider?

29th Jun 2020

Pensions. They’re something that we probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about. Talking pensions might not seem essential, especially when we’ve got lots of other expenses eating away at our pay packets. The benefits of a different pension provider might seem complicated or intimidating. It might just be one of those boring bits…

Three Ways to Invest £10,000

20th Jun 2020

There are so many ways to invest a lump sum of £10,000, it can often be confusing to know what to do. Let’s take a look at three of the most popular choices for investing. The three main investment options you have for a large sum of cash are savings, stocks and shares, and pensions….

Benefits for over 60s

5th Jun 2020

Turning 60 needn’t be a milestone to dread: there are plenty of things to look forward to, including a host of exciting perks and freebies, and a number of incredibly valuable benefits for over 60s. This article came about when we were asked a question: With this in mind, we have tracked down the best…

Financial health check: Top ten reasons you need one

17th Mar 2020

Guest article from unbiased.co.uk, the UK’s number one site for people seeking professional advisers writes about why you need a financial health check.   You should never ignore those little aches and pains – they can quickly turn into something more serious. And what’s true of your physical health is just as true for your…

Easy Ways to Make Your Children Rich (In the Future)

11th Mar 2020

You might be wondering how you can possibly invest for your children now. Don’t panic! Child Trust Funds weren’t the most money-effective way to save for your children. We’ve got some better options for you here. This is our guide to investing for your children to make sure that they have a glittering future ahead…

11 things to do before tax day on 5th April

20th Feb 2020

The end of the financial year – 5th April – is fast approaching, which also means the start of a new tax year and things you need to do before tax day. So, there are some simple things to do before 5th April to save yourself some serious money before the next tax year begins….

Help! I’m 50 with no savings. What do I do?

3rd Feb 2020

If you reach 50 with no savings, it’s natural to feel anxious about the future. But don’t worry, you still have time to make money, save, and invest well before retirement. It might be tempting to think you can’t do enough before you retire. You may feel like now the only option is to wait…

21 surprising facts about money!

2nd Feb 2020

Money makes the world go round. We chase it, earn it, spend it and generally rely on it to survive. But all money is really; is a credit system, used to represent resources. When you examine the facts and history of the concept, you can learn some rather surprising things! For example; did you know…

11 Steps to become a Millionaire Before You’re 65

19th Jan 2020

So, you want to become a millionaire by the time you retire? Well, we’d all like to do that! It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible either. Follow these steps and you could be richer than you think: Make a plan Start saving Enter a few competitions Get a free financial health check Develop an…

Should I invest in property now?

19th Nov 2019

Will I ever be able to afford a property in London? Should I invest in property or wait? These questions seem related but, in reality, come from two very different worlds. We see ‘average’ property prices in the news as they go up (or down). London is a different creature altogether! Property in the UK…

Beat inflation with index-linked bonds

18th Nov 2019

Savings that beat inflation? Unheard of! Well, certainly in these turbulent economic times. Index-linked bonds, however, may offer just that. So, what are index-linked bonds, how do they work, and are they a good investment? Keep reading to find out! What are index-linked bonds? Should you choose it over a standard savings bond? What else…