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44 ideas to make extra money

44 ideas to make extra money

Looking for easy ways to make money on the side? We’ve got lots of ways to make extra money online and offline. Some are easier than others but we’re always finding new ways so keep checking back!

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1. Rent our your spare room

forrentIf you’ve got an empty bedroom, why not take in a lodger? You can earn up to £4,250 tax-free income on your spare room, and with a summer of sport including Wimbledon and The Ashes coming up, there’s never been a better time to advertise your room. Check out SpareRoom, Gumtree and Easyroommate to advertise your room for free.

For more information read our article on renting a room for tax free cash.


2. Save £££ with Direct Debit

ddSwitch your utility bills to being paid by Direct Debit – it could save you over £300 a year. Npower, for example, is giving its customers who switch to Direct Debit an annual discount of up to £100. Just make sure you still regularly check your bills – and make sure you’re with the best-value energy supplier to start with (use our simple energy comparison tool to quickly check whether you’re on the best deal).



3. Sell unwanted DVDs and CDs

cdMake some extra money selling your old, unwanted DVDs, CDs, games, books and tickets on websites like,, eBay and MusicMagpie. In fact, why not de-clutter your whole house and sell everything you no longer need?!

For more information read our full article on making money selling old books, CDs, DVDs and video games.


4. Make extra money from your driveway

drivewayIf you don’t use your garage or driveway you could rent it out for money – particularly if you are in London or another parking-unfriendly city. Just register with a site like ParkatmyHouse, put your postcode in and wait for desperate would-be parkers to contact you.

For more details read our full article on making money renting out your driveway or garage.



5. NHS secretaries – make extra money transcribing

nhsIf you’re a medical secretary you can make extra money by transcribing medical notes in your spare time. Companies, such as DICT8, will pay you to write up medical notes and the best bit is that you don’t even have to leave your own home, as they’ll send all the information you need to your computer. You can do as much or as little as you want, and you’re paid on a ‘per line’ basis.


6. Have your true story published

magazine-saleSell true-life stories to newspapers and magazines can be fairly lucrative, you can earn between £200 and £2,000 depending on the story. Take a Break magazine offers up to £1,000 for sensational stories, so if you’ve got something to say don’t hold back!

Check out our full article on how to sell your story.


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7. Take part in clinical trials

clincDid you know you can make up to £4,000 taking part in clinical trials? Volunteering for clinical trials doesn’t have to involve taking risky drugs. Many trials are perfectly safe – some are simply sleep studies or psychological tests. The exact nature of the trial (along with any possible risk of side effects) will be clearly explained so you can make an informed decision.

If you’re in any doubt about any aspect of the trial, ask. If you’re still not convinced, don’t sign up for anything you’re not happy with – risking your health or your peace of mind for a bit of extra money isn’t worth it. See, Trials4us and GlaxoSmithKlein to find trials in your area, and check out The British Medical Association for more information on clinical trials.

For more information read our full article on making money taking part in clinical trials. 




Get paid for your opinion

8. Fill out surveys

survey-softwareOnline surveys are a great way to make some extra money or store vouchers. Never pay to join an online survey site and set up a separate email account so your personal one doesn’t get flooded with spam.

Survey sites we recommend include:


Jasmine says...

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 Nielsen Online Panel is one of our favourites because you don’t have to really do anything. All you have to do is download their app onto your home computer and you’re automatically entered into a prize draw of up to £30,000. 

Quote 2


For more information take a look at our article on online surveys. 


9. Review products for money

thumsIf you have some free time, will pay you £3 for each review you write. Find out more about


10. Mystery shopping

Mysteryshopping-150x150Mystery shopping is a fun way to earn some extra money while shopping, or testing services at local restaurants and pubs. Sounds like a dream job! TNS is looking for new shoppers nationwide to assess a variety of different businesses such as shops and restaurants. Read our essential article about mystery shopping for more useful links and information.



11. Proofread

proofreadingIt can be very boring to read pile of unedited work; however the pay is decent at £10 an hour for a novice and up to £30 an hour for someone with qualifications. Look at the home working directory and go through the companies that are looking for proofreaders.




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12. Get cash for your ink cartridges

thumbnail (10)The Recycling Factory will pay up to £4.10 per empty cartridge, whilst Cash for Cartridges will pay as much as £4.50 a time. You’ll be doing your bit for recycling, while making a tidy sum into the bargain! If you can collect your friend’s and family’s unwanted cartridges, you can make even more.

Also find out what your employer’s policy is towards used ink cartridges. Many needlessly throw hundreds away each year – so why not take them off their hands? Read our article – make money recycling your old gadgets.


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13. Grab freebies and discounts

Freebie-290x290Websites like Gumtree and Freecycle have loads of adverts for free things – quite often they might need repairing or doing up, but you could find a real bargain. For group discounts and deals check out great sites like Groupon, Mighty Deals, Groupola and

Take a look at our regularly updated article on freebies, discounts and vouchers for more great bargains.


14. Join Twitter

DownloadedFileOK, so just joining Twitter won’t make you a millionaire – but it is a fantastic, quick paced forum for picking up little extra  jobs to make extra money on the side. Try @extrapeopleltd who tweet ads for lookalikes and extras or go to TwitJobSearch, type in what work you want to do and see how many tweets pop up!

Read our 5 ways to make money using Twitter.



15. Post your skills for free

img2123265Want to do some babysitting in your area, or cleaning, or if you’re good at DIY and could put up other people’s shelves? Post yourself and your skills on Gumtree for free. It’s an online forum that anyone can advertise on. If you need someone to mend your computer or cut your lawn for you, you can go onto the site and find someone who can do it for you.


16. Make extra money blogging

blogThere are occasionally websites seeking bloggers to write daily posts, reviews and adding links. It won’t pay really well but it can be a useful little earner for little effort – particularly if you already enjoy writing your own blog. Check on Gumtree under both the part-time work and the media, design and creative tabs.

For more information read our full article on how to make money blogging.




  Jobs for students

17. Get paid to party

bodyshopBecome a consultant for The Body ShopThe Body Shop recruits people to sell their products at special beauty parties in people’s homes. If the party goes well, you could earn over £100 in just one evening as well as receive lots of beauty products for free. What’s more, as you get to decide when you want to host these evenings, you can work as little or often as you like.


18. Promote clubs

hornLike clubbing? Do you have lots of friends? Make extra money by bringing them into clubs. Go to Velvet PR for free. Tell them where you live and they’ll let you know which clubs need promoting.

To find out more, read our article on becoming a club promoter. 


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19. Get paid to buy alcohol

Beer at Tramdot adjacent to Bear ParkAre you 18 or 19 years old? Looking for a well-paid part-time job? How about getting paid to go to the pub?  Plus you get to keep the drink! All you have to do is have a valid passport or driving licence and right to work in the UK. Head to Serve Legal to find out more.


20. Festival staff

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFestaff supplies casual staff for over a dozen music festivals in the UK including Bestival, Creamfields, Wickerman, Camp Bestival, Isle of Wight Festival, Sonispshere, Rockness and Beachdown. This work is seasonal, they’re always recruiting, so if you fancy going to a festival next year for free, and make some extra money as well, keep an eye on Festaff for recruitment opportunities. Pay is minimum wage – but you do get free entrance to the festival and camp facilities.

If you like the idea of free festival tickets then read our full article.


21. Work at events

waiterPromo Agency provides a directory of promotional staffing agencies for you to get in touch with and get work for anything from marketing campaigning to modeling or waiting on tables. If you’re a student and want to get some bar experience whilst earning money, or if you’re just looking for a convenient part time job, sign up with 247 recruit and work at trendy events like the Sonisphere Festival, T4 on the beach and many more! The pay is £6.65 – £7.65 plus lunch and uniform and you can choose which events you do so it’s nice and flexible. Visit 247 recruit to search for part time or full time work . There’s also plenty of opportunities for promotion once you start.


22. Become a life model

lifemodelIf you’re comfortable with nudity, you could make extra money as a life model. Pay depends on where you are in the country, but you could earn between £8 and £10 an hour. Take a look at our article on how to make money as a life model for details of how to get started.


newspaper23. Distribute free papers

Earn yourself as much as £10 an hour handing out the Evening Standard, or The Metro (which is distributed all over the UK). Apply to The Network and find out more about getting paid to deliver.


24. Get paid to review music

musicIf you’re a music fan you can turn your passion into extra money, sign up to the unique Slicethepie website for free and become a scout. This basically involves getting paid to listen to the music of unsigned bands from all over the world and review it. Obviously, your reviews have to be competent and fairly well informed, but need only be a few sentences long.

Initially you won’t make much, but as you get a better scout rating (i.e. the more reviews you make, and the more they agree with the majority of reviewers) you can make more and more.

Read more about it in our article on how to make money by listening to music.


25. Be a pedicab driver

pediDriving a pedicab/bug/rickshaw is a great way to stay in shape, meet loads of people, offer emission free transport to London’s visitors and make yourself some extra money. The Bugbugs Community offers training with an accredited National Cycling Certificate awarded. The cost of training is £50, with a £100 deposit required for the duration of your employment, you keep everything you earn, so the harder you work, the more you make.

To find hundreds of job opportunities, as well as all the best offers and discounts for students, check out


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 Get creative


26. Sell your photos

photographsYou don’t have to be a pro to sell your photos. Nor do you need to albums full of dramatic shots. If you have a library of decent, ordinary digital snaps just sitting in folders they could be making you extra money. Online agencies like 123RF, Fotolia and Picture Nation may be interested in buying them from you. You’ll get a royalty fee each time one of your pictures sells. You may be surprised at how many websites and businesses will be interested in using your pics – and are willing to pay for the privilege.


Read our full article making money by selling your photos. 


27. Make extra money from your creativity

makeearringsIf you’re good at arts and crafts, there’s a big market out there for your talents. Sites like Coriandr, Folksy and are crying out for people like you to sell their handmade goods online. These sites normally take a small commission of any sale you make (usually around 2-3%), but in return give you a ‘virtual shop’ for your goods. You could set up your own blog and sell your goods online, of course, but this is an easier route if you’re not web savvy. Plus, these sites attract a lot more customers than you would do if you set up a site on your own. Definitely worth a look!


28. Sell cards

cardsTo make a bit of extra money on the side you could start up your own card business. Starting up your own business sounds like a lot of work, but with Phoenix Trading it doesn’t have to be. To start off you simply order an Introductory Pack, which contains an application form which you then fill in and return along with your first order for cards.

Read our full article on making money writing greeting card messages for more ways to make money from cards.


29. Work as an extra for extra money

extraWant to be in a movie with your favourite celebrity? Always thought it would be fun to see your face on the big screen? Acting extras are ordinary people that are essential to setting up scenes in films or television shows. You can earn £65 for 9 hours of work, with a £20 bonus… not to mention the bragging rights if you are in the same shot, even momentarily, with lead actors. The Acting Website offers loads of information on how to become an extra, and you can see a directory of extra’s agents on UK Screen.

Take a look at our article on how to become a TV or film extra for more information.


30. Create web pages

websiteOne of the most popular sites in the US is Squidoo. It is a site where people create a lens (their own webpage) on their favourite topic. The site then makes money from advertisers and links. It then pays 5% of its profits to charity, retains 45% to cover its admin costs, which leaves 50% of the profits for the writer or the charity of their choice. So get started writing about any of your favourite topics, it is free to set up and you can start earning some royalties.


31. Write travel guides

travel guideGet paid to write travel guides at SimonSeeks. They are looking for intelligent, well-written and grammatically correct guides of holiday destinations. Register and upload your guide, await approval from the site’s editorial team, and get paid based on its popularity.


32. Write a story

storyIf you’re a budding writer, you could try your hand at writing a short story for Clonepod for a bit of extra money. Clonepod produce science fiction and fantasy podcasts from work its users send in. They’ll pay you $25 through PayPal for a 2,000 word story that they like, and they don’t ask for any rights to the work at all – which is great if you want to try selling the story over and over again. Go to the Clonepod website to find out more.


33. Become a voice-over artist

voice overDo family and friends comment on how you never shut up? Now you can earn extra money and put your voice to good use. Subscribe with, upload a sample of your voice and quickly and easily apply for voice-over jobs. (You may find that you get head hunted if you have a distinctive voice!). If you are successful you can earn up to £50 an hour!


Earn extra money helping others


34. Host and teach foreign students


Can you teach English language? If you have time on your hands and a spare room, you could host a foreign student in your own home and earn extra money giving them tuition. To host and teach English in your home visit the InTuition Languages website or give them a call on 020 7739 4411. You could also rent your spare room out to a foreign student and get a bit of culture at the same time as extra money. For more useful information have a look at our article on hosting foreign students.

Read our full article on making money by hosting foreign students.


35. Become a nanny

nannyIf you’re looking for some part time nanny work, you can just be an after school nanny so it doesn’t take up your whole day. You’d be responsible for picking up the children from school at around 3pm and then taking them home and looking after them until their parents get home from work. The job involves supervising homework and playtime, preparing tea and ferrying the children around to any after-school activities they take part in. After-school nannies have to have at least 2 years of childcare experience, but no formal qualifications or age limits apply. For more information have a look at the After School Nannies website.

Check out our articles for more information childminding.



36. Become a personal tutor

TutorsIf you’re a graduate, and eligible to work in the UK you could earn extra money as a home tutor for a range of subjects and levels, usually on a one-to-one basis at the clients’ home. See London’s Learning website for details on tutoring in London or agencies like Personal Tutors for more information on nationwide tutoring.

For more information on who to contact and how much you could earn, have a look at our article on earning money as a tutor.



Insure Your Pet Today
Become a dog walker 

If you’d like to combine your love of the outdoors and animals then dog walking can be a great way to earn some extra money too! Earnings range from £6 to £10 per half hour. Register your self as a dog walking company at Petpals. For more information read our article on how to make money from dog walking.


38. Earn money for yourself and for charity

giving-to-charity-180x160Become a charity fundraiser and do your bit for good causes whilst you earn! Charities are constantly on the lookout for people to stand on the street and persuade passers-by to pay monthly amounts to their cause. You can earn between £8.50 and £11 an hour, on average, and the work is flexible. It involves being outside and meeting people, of course, but you could get a lot of abuse from pedestrians. There are several commercial organisations that run campaigns but they keep a percentage of the money raised. Better to work direct for the charity if you would like to do this. Just a few of the organisations looking for fundraisers directly are Shelter and Concern.


39. Make money referring friends to jobs

Refer friends to jobs for some extra moneyThere are more and more companies offering to pay you to refer your friends. The website Refermehappy has a load of companies that do it, and you can join as either a ‘referrer’ or a ‘friend’ and you both get a referral bonus from the company. Plus, we’ve got loads more companies to look out for in our article on referring friends.


images (1)


Make money part time


40. Become a ‘virtual assistant’

Earn Extra Money as a Virtual AssistantIf you’ve got secretarial experience, you could work for small businesses – from the comfort of your own home! Experienced virtual assistants charge up to £25 an hour, visit

For more information read out popular article on making money as a virtual assistant.


41. Get paid to iron

ironBy doing other people’s washing and ironing you can make cash when it suits you, whilst catching up with the EastEnders omnibus! Bring in customers by putting an advert in the local paper, handing out leaflets in your local area or, for more professional advice, check out Mark & Sue’s Ironing Service. If you want to start up your own ironing service business you can buy a starter kit for £175 (which includes your own website, flyers, business cards, and the like). This is quite a comprehensive kit but you could probably do it cheaper yourself – see our article on how to make money by running an ironing service.


42. Earn and get free accommodation

mhaCheck out the job opportunities at Mrs Hunt’s agency for cleaning and household opportunities all over the country. Probably best for those of a practical nature and most of the time accommodation is included.

For other ways to get free accommodation, read our comprehensive article. 


43. Use your Slivers of Time to work locally

sotA new government-backed website called Slivers of Time can match people with just a few hours to spare here and there with local work that’s just part-time. You just register with the site, get a calendar and then when you’ve got a few hours to spare coming up, put your free time on the calendar. Then these spare hours are sent to local agencies and businesses like call centres, catering companies, retail outlets and distribution centres who regularly have part time vacancies.


44. Find new jobs every day

The Jobs Group website has new jobs coming in all the time. Check it out and sign up for as wide a variety of occupations as you think you might be able to fulfil. If you want to keep your identity private then you can create a new email address on Gmail for example (this is free, of course). If they ask for a CV up front then upload a blank word or text document.

Jobs for extra moneyBetween September and December is the event industry’s busiest time of year. Most will be recruiting extra staff to keep up with their bookings and if you work on Bank Holidays etc then you’re likely to make even more cash.

MyOddJobs is a website that connects people who do the odd jobs with the people who needs the jobs. Give it a try!

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    Thanks a lot for your article you shared with us, Ireally like the idea and just bookmark it.Waiting for the next post, Keep your blog updated, thanks a lot.

  63. Joseph Hogue says:

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  64. Sabrey Jamal says:

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    i am going to write another blog post about making extra money, because i found some great ideas here.

    thanks for sharing :)

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  66. Lyn clarke says:

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    delivering the wirral globe to being a life model,i need to earn some money asap can`t afford to pey to work need an income as soon as can provide references willing to have crb and drb check done

  67. Tracey Belcher says:

    Writing blog posts. There are a lot of people out there that will pay for good quality blog posts. I look around and then offer my services.

  68. Krystina Smith says:

    I walk my friends dogs to make extra money. It’s fun and it’s good exercise!

  69. sheila says:

    I grow a lot of plants from cuttings, division and seeds and only use a few of them. I sell the extras for charity but any greenfingered person could make spare money for very little outlay.Either sell at carboot sales or if you live in a suitable place sell from the front of your house.

  70. Alexandra Blue says:

    I love clearing out all the clutter and going down to the car boot sale – coming home with a bag full of cash from stuff that was just sitting around gathering dust is great!

  71. Em S says:

    All great suggestions, I already use direct debit to save money on utility bills, however I pay big bills like car insurance in full (DD costs more as it’s a loan)

  72. MARK HOPKINS says:

    Enter as many competitions as possible. If you win something you have no need for, sell it on ebay.

  73. Emma Farrell says:

    i love car boots looking for bargains for my family &creator stuff for my house. However I also buy bits to sell on eBay-education textbooks do well! I have Nielsen thing on my phone that sees what i do on my smartphone then gives points each week that I’ve exchanged for Amazon vouchers.

  74. Lindsey Stuart says:

    I do people’s ironing LOL!!!
    I actually make Alot per week and save it towards my yearly holiday! :)
    It is amazing how many people come to me with their ironing and i have only burnt an item of clothing once!
    And ironing is something i enjoy :)

  75. Sam says:

    I sell all my unwanted things on ebay…do it on a free weekend and then even if they don’t sell you don’t lose any money

  76. by entering competitions I can supplement indirectly as it saves me buying some presents every year.

  77. Aaron Milne says:

    I enter competitions – i just enter what i want when i want so any winnings are just a real bonus

  78. Charlotte Hoskins says:

    I do mystery shopping in my spare time. It isn’t the best cash earner but is great for getting free presents for birthdays and Christmas as you usually get your purchases reimbursed.

  79. Ian Summerscales says:

    Well I do online competitions and shop last thing in supermarkets once a week to pick up the still fresh bargains.

  80. Lee Dowling-Parr says:

    Enter competitions whilst watching tv

  81. Kathryn Casbolt says:

    I keep a ‘windfall’ savings account. Any money I get for surveys or selling on ebay goes into the account and I then use it to help out at Christmastime.

  82. steph says:

    sell unwanted items on either ebay or preloved.Give homemade goodies such as fudge, cakes etc as presents. Use cashback websites when buying goods.

  83. Denise Walker says:

    I work full time but sell all my old DVDs and videos – made quite a bit :)

  84. Jordon Cox says:

    A fun way I make money in my spare time is going to Boot Sales buying things cheap and then selling them on :)

  85. Erica Price says:

    It’s a good time of year to clear out your unwanted stuff and sell it.

  86. Kathy says:

    I enjoy a flutter every now and then and last year signed up for a free bet for the Grand National and the horse came first winning me £550! … not bad for a free bet.

  87. I like to enter competitions – can do it whilst watching tv in the evenings – in fact the laptop I’m typing on was a prize!

  88. Siobhan Davis says:

    Aswell a doing up furniture I get from scrap I made funky Christmas baubles this year and sold a pack of 10 for £12 I got lots of sales, Also making loom bands for kids but gave them out free to local hospitals x

  89. LYN JONES says:

    Car boot sales are fun and lucrative. You can meet some fascinating people, and by the laws of chance, eventually you’ll find a real gem for a tiny price.

  90. Debbie B says:

    I keep an eye on the various auctions on facebook in aid of animal rescues. I’ve had so many fabulous items for a pound or two and I’ve also got the satisfaction of being able to help animals. I’ve been able to use them as presents and I’ve sold some things on at a coffee morning I had.

  91. Fran H says:

    I’m constantly selling my things on ebay, which means I can get more things…for free!!

  92. Amanda Richardson says:

    sell things on ebay

  93. Amanda Richardson says:

    sell the toys that the children have out grown

  94. I earn money online just by doing searches plus I earn just for listening to the radio, it’s not much but it’s easy to reach £20 the minimum payout. I get rewarded for my online activities, so essentially I get paid for being on the computer

  95. Máire Woodhurst says:

    I make extra money by playing games and watch videos on Swagbucks.

  96. Jane Willis says:

    Send letters to magazines – some of the popular weekly ones use a lot of reader letters and pay £10-£25 for content that is only a few words – on a per word basis, that’s a lot more profitable than writing full length articles!

  97. Isabell Whitenstall says:

    I spend time entering competitions to help me win cash to spend on extras

  98. Rach says:

    I draw people’s pets as gifts or token momento’s, fits in nicely around the day job. Really busy around Christmas time!

  99. david cavender says:

    rent the spare room

  100. Iris Raile says:

    I take advantage of sales and bargains throughout the year so that I don’t have an excessive amount of extra money to find for Christmas and also Birthdays. I also take advantage of nature’s own fruit and make lots of jams, jellies and chutneys and also sloe gin, damson gin, etc to give away as gifts at Christmas, and people really appreciate the homemade touch.

  101. Gilla01 says:

    If you live near a college or university, can take in students as lodgers.

  102. kyle everall says:

    Switch your current account. There are around 4 current accounts that reward you with money for changing your current account. Everything is done for you. It’s easy money. You could earn up to 400 pounds if you switched four times with all the current account switch promotions on offer.

  103. Linda says:

    I eBay any excess items I have or find, switch of heating in unused rooms and switch off lights when I leave a room.

  104. Jordan white says:

    I save money by making my own gifts, presents and cards during the holidays and throughout the year

  105. Lynne O'Connor says:

    I love sites like swagbucks where I get paid simply for playing vids on my phone all day. It’s all automatic so I just turn it on and leave it

  106. Susan B says:

    Entering competitions is a good way of saving money on gifts and days out. Don’t expect big wins but the little wins do help.

  107. claire wilks says:

    I do mystery shopping… being paid to shop, what not to love!!

  108. Lauren W says:

    Enter competitions to give us all the little extras.
    We have been very lucky over the years to win holidays, vouchers and things we can give as gifts which means I can keep our salaries for the essentials and put any extra away for a rainy day.

  109. Stephanie says:

    It’s more saving than getting extra money but I’m always looking for cashback and discount codes when I want to buy something.

  110. Lesley Bain says:

    I love spending my free time trying to boost the budget a little.
    I sell just about anything I don’t want on eBay, it is so exciting watching your items bid up! I also sell used books, mags and cd’s on Amazon, it is quick and easy and has a huge audience.
    One of my big hobbies is entering competitions. I do not enter for things I do not want, although some do then sell on which is good for making some extra pennies. I think however you would need 25 hours in the day to do this as there are so many competitions out there!
    Instead I enter for the things me or my family want or need. This can save me a bit of money by winning stuff instead of having to buy it. Especially tech, being so expensive. Effort competitions are the most fun, even my kids get involved. My 9 year old won a Nintendo DS in a drawing competition, he was very pleased with himself :) x

  111. pete c says:

    stop leaving the heating on in rooms i don`t use so I can use the spare cash saved in more enjoyable ways

  112. Sarah Jane Jones says:

    Declutter and eBay. Cash and a tidy house all in one go!

  113. Christine Caple says:

    Do online surveys, enter competitions and apply to trial products.

  114. Greig spencer says:

    a cake sale outside your home

  115. paul martin says:

    Competition sites maybe not sure fun

  116. Lisa Barker says:

    If you fancy yourself as a writer and want to make some extra cash look up

  117. Caroline Hunter says:

    I signed up to become a mystery shopper. I only do a few shops a year but it’s great to get a bit of extra money without being tied to a regular job.

  118. Laura A says:

    Sell old things on ebay but make sure its the correct time e.g. a reindeer will not sell for much in March but in November you’ll be quids in

  119. claire woods says:

    I do online surveys for points that you can redeem for money/vouchers. I enter competitions. I sell things I no longer want on Ebay.

  120. Claire Ward says:

    If u haven’t used something for 6 months sell it

  121. CarolineR says:

    There are some brilliant ideas on here!! All together in one place. I agree with some of the others who have posted – you do have to be a bit savvy with some of the ‘too good to be true’ opportunities! I have recently gone back to Uni as a postgraduate and spend much of my time at home – so, for me I am getting back into babysitting and also creating cross-stitch samplers to sell on to friends, family and gumtree!
    I think that’s probably the best advice – use any specialist skills you already have, as your own personal USP!
    Thank you for all the other tips though – I’m going to look into some of these!

  122. Debby says:

    I sell a few items on ebay every now and then to make a little extra cash – mainly books but various other things too. The last few items I sold, I used the ebay charity option and donated 10% of the final sale price to one of my favorite charities, Second Chance Animal Rescue Crockenhill; nice to earn myself a little and be able to give a decent donation – I have plans to sell more and to donate on selected items in the new year – I have a huge pile of books waiting to be listed!

  123. Angie Hoggett says:

    pet sitting for friends and neighbours, good if you like animals of course!

  124. Susan Reid says:

    I knit baby items in the winter & sell them at car boots during the summer months.

  125. Babs Mercer says:

    When I was at college I used to do cleaning. You’d be surprised how many people are looking for reliable, trustworthy and efficient help with household chores!

  126. Gill Thomas says:

    Cook meals from scratch, in bulk, and freeze, nicer, healthier, and cheaper !

  127. Jan McGregor says:

    I’ve tried some Direct Marketing schemes like Amway and Kleeneze but ended up owing them money, my hobby is building websites so I tried affiliate marketing on them and made a little bit of money, nowadays I am signed up to several Survey sites – they’re quite fun to do and you get paid for them main problem is you can get sent one to do and then after the initial questions you don’t fit the demographic they want, my most lucrative way of making money is entering competions – I enter loads online and have done quite well this year – won £250 to send at La Redoute, £250 Topshop Gift Vouchers, an iPad Mini and loads of DVDs, electricals and jewellery some of which I kept and others I gave away as birthday/Xmas presents :)

  128. lynn lewer says:

    I do online surveys and enter competitions

  129. jamie millard says:

    playing online blackjack! Not for everyone though (and you CAN lose too!) I’m doing well though.

    Switched 3 current accounts this month. The 3 new banks gave me £100-150 each as a welcome bonus. If I don’t like them – i’ll switch again in a few months – for more £££!

  130. Louise Middleton says:

    I alter clothing for neighbours, usually turning up trousers and pimp uo clothing from car boot sales and sell online. I also sell homemade jam at the village fete.

  131. Donna says:

    Selling on eBay and competitions :)

  132. Zoe says:

    I make my own jewellery from things I find, I sell them by word of mouth!

  133. selling cakes at work

  134. Sarah Bates says:

    Competition entering! Only for fun though. I stop if it’s boring me.

  135. Kate marsden says:

    I hold a coffee morning every Friday with homemade cake, so that I can save towards sending my grandson and daughter over to America to see their grandmother on their other side of the family who they haven’t met yet. Every little counts they say.

  136. Kate Loader says:

    I have a clear out regularlyof things to sell on ebay. Very handy at the mo as i’m selling my apartment!

  137. Paula Phillips says:

    I use Quidco and top cashback, I am a member of Pinecone research and fill out surveys for them and occasionally test products.

  138. Phillip A says:

    Do A Yearly Save . And Sell Unwanted Items

  139. Helen says:

    I have a clear out and do a car boot sale each year

  140. Alexia E says:

    I enter surveys in my spare time – One Poll are generally short and can be really fun to do, but be prepared it can take some time to reach the payout threshold!


    I like to do jewellery making to sell. Great for relaxing me and good income.

  142. Nicky Stevens says:

    I make little knotted toys and sell them in a local craft shop.

  143. Tracy says:

    I make jams and sell them to my neighbours.

  144. Claire W says:

    I never throw or give anything away before trying to sell it
    on Gumtree; it’s amazing what people will buy (I retrieved a pile of really old computer games my son had dumped in our bin, stuck
    them on Gumtree and made £10)
    You don’t pay any fees on Gumtree and I’ve met some interesting people along the way too.

  145. Lorna Kennedy says:

    I did a calligraphy course a few years ago, so now I make bespoke cards and invitations to order which helps out with finances.

  146. Layla fletcher says:

    I love doing car boot sales to raise extra cash

  147. Kara W says:

    I make extra money by selling things I don’t need, particularly bigger or more valuable items

  148. Liz B says:

    Anything that’s cluttering up your house and you don’t need it? Sell it on eBay – one person’s clutter is another’s treasure !

  149. Graeme says:

    Sell your old books, DVDs and CDs on ebay or Amazon Marketplace.

  150. sue h says:

    get paid to take local dogs for walks – lots of fun and keeps you fit

  151. Christine Goodall says:

    I make additional money by scouring charity shops for designer clothes, boot fairs too and then sell on ebay, or just to clothe myself well on a budget.Some online surveys, online comepetitions, and use a drop shipping site to sell on ebay and free advertising sites to make even more profit.

  152. Jackie ONeill says:

    I go to car boots and charity shops to buy items which I can restore/pimp up to go and sell on ebay, gum tree, madbid etc.

  153. Karen Davey says:

    carboot sales to get rid of items and make a bit of extra cash are a god idea

  154. Saleyha says:

    I can’t say enough – competition entering if done systematically and regularly is a way for winning money. It is a fantastic and fun way to get hold of the extra cash. So get that cup of tea going and start the clicking.

  155. Christine Bray says:

    Win a Jamie Oliver Dinnerware set –

    I make/save a little extra money by entering competitions great fun too!

  156. Victoria N says:

    I took up mystery shopping as its a great way to get free stuff and free meals for a minimal amount of work!

  157. stephen wilson-leach says:

    i sell all my sons old xbox games and his old tech on ebay we made a tidy sum before christmas.

  158. Tammy Tudor says:

    selling unwanted items

  159. Victoria says:

    I enter competitions when I have a spare minute – winning things I want instead of buying them saves cash, winning money earns money! 😀

  160. sue mc says:

    I use survey sites, just used all the vouchers I earnt as Christmas Presents

  161. Anne Thompson (@AnneThompson10) says:

    Some interesting ideas. You need to look after the pennies. I use websites like quidco and topcashback to make the money go further when buying things too.
    I make a bit of money by doing online surveys.

  162. Jo Jones says:

    I have private school, foreign children to stay for exeat & school holidays when they are not flying home. They enjoy living in a family atmosphere while seeing our culture, & I benefit from the hospitality payments. It also means I know exactly when they will be staying so can organise myself easily.

  163. Lorraine Tinsley says:

    I do online surveys and whilst I don’t make loads it pays for the occasional treat. I also like to do car boot sales when the weather is better to get rid of stuff

  164. Janice says:

    I sell cosmetic products

  165. Maggie Coates says:

    I like to save a bit of money by entering competitions like this. It doesn’t (usually) get me cash prizes, but if I were to win, it would save me having to buy much needed new crockery and it is fun dreaming about what you might win.

  166. Mary L says:

    Enter competitions and use prizes as presents or seel to produce an income

  167. Anne Hamilton says:

    This is more of a hobby but could become a business depending how successful you are. I do competitions (Money Saving Expert) and a few magazine clubs – Competition News and Simply Prizes. It doesn’t take long to enter competitions online and over the years I have won cash, 4 bikes, holidays, food, clothes, cosmetics, toys etc. Before doing online competitions I won prizes for the price of a second class stamp.

  168. John Tingay says:

    There are lots of free competitions you can enter on the internet when you have a few spare minutes. Joining a good survey site is also easy and takes little time. When you go shopping your receipt often has a website address where you can comment on your experience with a monthly prize. Someone wins these prizes – you might as well put your name in the hat.

  169. Jo Young says:

    A fun way to earn money is to have a car boot sale!

  170. Angela Sandhu says:

    Sell things you dont need to free up some cash

  171. Ellie Bromilow says:

    I have a company that looks at what i look at online. All i had to do was register and they log all the places i go to and then pay into my paypal account monthy. Its not a lot of money but if you dont touch it over the year its a great way of paying for all the stocking fillers for christmas.

  172. Andrew Loades says:

    I’ve tried several of the survey sites and my favourite is MySurvey. I get the most surveys from them and consequently more rewards. Although perhaps it is that my particular circumstances mean I get more surveys from them rather from most others such as yougov who I rarely seem to get any from. I would also suggest you take your rewards (vouchers, cash, items) out of the site the moment you reach the threshold as its better in your hands rather than theirs.

  173. lots of gifts on christmas daay

  174. liz denial says:

    I had to retire when I was 44 due to ill health & disability so I can’t afford luxuries such as holidays or tech gadgets so I enter competitions to win all these things. It’s amazing how much you can win & it’s a fun hobby too, I got to know some lovely people from my hobby

  175. the same as what my mum had said.

  176. Laura Harris says:

    My work has a staff for sale board – you can sell anything you like, add photos and state your price. No fees and stuff sells really quickly! Cheaper and quicker than eBay so great for making a fast buck!

  177. claire says:

    i like to make and sell crafts as a hobby and a bit of extra cash

  178. Linda Pollock says:

    buying lots of presents

  179. David Rodhouse says:

    If you have a spare parking space on your drive way, rent it out to neighbours for a little extra cash.

  180. Barbara Handley says:

    I work as a Mystery Shopper. I will say this only once! Getting paid to shop is great fun especially when you are paid and can keep the item you bought. Double whammy! I also like the fact that I am the only person in the place who knows what I am up to.

  181. Hannahpp says:

    I have from time to time taken all my unwanted stuff to car boot sales & bumped up the takings by selling some cheap items that i picked up prior at wholesalers or on eBay (as a bulk buy)
    This can turn a Saturday or Sunday into lucrative money in no time!

  182. sharon mead says:

    my tip is more money saving than making but the end result is the same. Learn to cook old school style. You can take advantage of cut price meat and veg/fruit to make filling meals at a fraction of the cost of ready meals of part prepared. My biggest money saver of 2014 was switching to eco washing balls for the washing machine, saved ££££’s. To make money go further I bulk buy and share with family/friends

  183. Lynn Doe says:

    Carboot sales are a great way to declutter the house and make a few extra pounds, also dont forget to walk around them and snap up cheap bargains for your house, That means even more money saved if you needed the item and you have not had to pay full price for it :)

  184. Lorraine Partyn says:

    I earn money and vouchers by being a member of survey sites such as Consumer Pulse, Ipsos and You Gov

  185. Anna says:

    I dog walk one dog when I walk my own dog and bring her back to my house to give her a little company while her owners work.

  186. Muhammad Ehsan says:

    For me is best way to make money I always keep an eye on all house hold things and kid’s toys and when I feel we don’t use something anymore or kids don’t play with some toys anymore I put them on eBay or gumtree to make some extras cash.

  187. Nicky Allen says:

    I sell unwanted/unused or nearly worn clothes and toys etc by listing them on ebay. I save all the money made in PayPal and use it to buy next year’s Xmas presents

  188. Carys Jones says:

    I think tip 3 of selling unwanted CD’s and DVD’s is great- it takes minimal effort to do but has financial rewards as well as decluttering. Thumbs up.

  189. Jane Adair says:

    Make jewellery from whilst watching tv. Great for presents and for selling to your friends and very economical to start up.

  190. Tom Baines says:

    i found doing odd jobs for neighbours especially gardening and painting a great little earner

  191. Dennis Jacobs says:

    Empty Nesters – declutter your house and raise money for your kids by selling the stuff they left behind and forgot about.

  192. Caroline Clarke says:

    I do surveys and scan my shopping for credit.

  193. Paul Witney says:

    Sell unwanted items on eBay. We always have a pre-Christmas clear out to make room for new stuff and to help pay for Christmas. It’s also fun to pick up items from car boot sales to sell on.

  194. Jean T says:

    Rent out your drive or garage if you don’t have a car.

  195. Deborah Munn says:

    My daughter has started to make her own jewellery and sell it a local school fayres

  196. sam swain says:

    Make money from your hobbies. I play various musical instruments and can make a bit extra on the side playing for shows etc but there must be other hobbies that can make you a bit extra.

  197. Suzanne says:

    Design work would be creative, enjoyable and a versatile means of earning extra money.

  198. Davif says:

    Sell the car and use public transport

  199. barbara shaw says:

    WOW -What a great list – I think I will be reading until tomorrow
    I don’t think I make money I know I spend too much – but I think I save a little money by moving utility companies

  200. Scott Brerton says:

    The way to make real extra money is to invest in yourself and get a skill. You can train to be an accounting technician for example with the AAT ( and begin offering bookkeeping courses. Or train to be a mortgage advisor by getting the CeMAP qualification

    It may take a little longer, but the more you invest in yourself, the bigger the payback!

  201. Faye says:

    Another way of making money from your home: you can now rent out rooms during the day at vrumi.

    Plenty of people are looking for space to work in the city and at the end of the day the room’s your own again!

  202. Michael roche says:

    I recommend an app called Instant Rewards, you can make money a bunch of different ways such as: taking a survey, downloading apps watching videos and a bunch of other ways.

  203. Tyme Waster says:

    Very illuminating…

  204. Tyme Waster says:

    Most of these schemes aren’t even practical or even viable, I mean becoming a clinical trial in effect a guinea pig? oh so you get a few quid but realize youv’e been infected with an illness or given cancer and are slowly dying, how idiotic how can that be a legitimate and safe way of earning some money.

  205. Scott says:

    Blogging can be a great way of making a living, but there is so much more to it than simply starting up a website and writing away.

    That said, we are always on the lookout for talented UK writers.


  206. Jacob says:

    Another great way is taking part in usability studies. These are basically paid surveys. Loop11 is a company that offers these and they keep sending surveys to you as they come up.

  207. Claude says:

    Good ideas! But, I’m more a fan of saving money. I believe in the saying that a “penny saved is more than a penny earned because you don’t have to pay taxes on it”

    I don’t mind living in a slightly smaller place if it means I have a healthy savings and retirement account. After the most recent housing bubble created by the fed, I am not too interested in jumping in here. Other small cutbacks that can add up big?

    1) drop the smart phone and get a “dumb” one. Save about $50 per month. Get a low-priced tablet (e.g., Kindle Fire) or use your old iPhone as a wi-fi only device. Wi-fi is available everywhere; you really don’t need to pay for cell-based data plans

    2) call your car and home insurance company and tell them you want to go through all your coverage because you found another carrier that is cheaper. They’ll probably help you “find” 10% off or more.

    3) speaking of car insurance – An expensive policy from GEICO, Progressive, etc. is not needed. You can find one usually for less than $25/month from a place like 4AutoInsuranceQuote. If you spend too much on car insurance from one of those big companies, chances are you are simply funding their expensive TV ads with cute animals.

    4) compare what your house is really worth to your assessment. Many assessments have never been properly adjusted down to reflect the market over the last 4 years. We cut our property taxes by about 20%.

    5) re-fi your 30-year mortgage to a 15. The interest rate will drop by at least 50-75 bps, more depending on your current rate. The payment may go up slightly, but it is because you are paying off your loan faster. If it’s possible, get the mortgage paid off before the kids go to college. At a minimum, have it paid off before you retire.

    6) review your credit card bills for all the things you are paying $10-20 per month for that you no longer need. I bet everybody has at least a couple

    7) drop all magazine (paper and on-line) subscriptions. If you look around, you can find comparable content for free.

    8) review your investment portfolio for ways to replace higher fee mutual funds or ETFs with lower fee ones. S&P500 funds/ETFs shouldn’t charge more than 0.10% in fees. Fees may be higher for specialty funds, but they are all coming down fast. If your company 401K uses high-fee funds, talk to the folks in charge. A difference of 25 bps in fees will mean a difference of about 5% in your portfolio value after 25 or 30 years.

    9) and of course the most impactful — never carry a balance on a credit card. If you can’t resist, cut up the cards.

  208. saikiran says:

    Make money with ” ziddu pay app “

  209. What about renting out the spare space in your house (loft, spare room or garage) as storage space for your neighbours? See :-)

  210. Ibrar Baloch says:

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  211. Hey, Very useful information. Thank you so much :)

  212. wendy FHart says:

    Moneymagpie is a great web site. Does any one of that kind of site in the USA?

  213. sportske says:

    It?s really a cool and useful piece of info. I?m glad that you just shared this useful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  214. Ann-Marie says:

    I’m trying to use my cake decorating & baking skills to earn some extra money from home, with a view to making it a full time profession. Any help, tips and advice is very very much appreciated x

  215. lynda says:

    I have written a short childen’s story, bu don’t have the money to get is published do you know of any publisher only pay if the book sells?

  216. Leighton says:

    Excellent article! Thanks Jasmine!

    I’m new to your website – but it has given me so many ideas… and hope!

  217. Clare says:

    Why do some of these things that are supposed to make you money ask for money up front eg proof reading or extras? The advise I was given is to not pay as possibly there’s not any work there. If they wish to give you a job they will not ask for money but pay you if genuine. Surveys are good and last year won some money from a sweepstake entry. When you didn’t get paid off the survey you got a sweepstake entry which won me some money.

  218. Clare says:

    Hi I tried registering with but just seems to be for USA and couldn’t register as being from the UK.

  219. susan smith says:

    I have a full time job but need to make some extra money at home does anyone know of any manual home work like assembly etc

  220. lauren says:

    does anyone know hwere i can sell my old books published between 2000-2009

    • We like or Amazon marketplace. Once you’ve uploaded the details you just wait for people to buy them. Any books you don’t sell you should take to your local secondhand book shop and see what they offer.

  221. Tony says:

    Hi everyone
    There is a fantasic opportunity to earn extra money from home. It has recently been advertised on TV!
    Become a Kleeneze distributor popping catalogues through people’s doors. For further details ring 01737888047 or visit leave your details and someone will get bck to you within 48 hours.

  222. recycleaid says:

    You can earn extra money by recycling your used ink cartridges with recycleaid.

  223. Sam says:

    Hi there,

    I’m needing to make some extra cash in my spare time. I have very good typing skills so I was wondering if there are any legitimate general typing/data entry vacancies or agencies that could provide me with work from home?

    Many Thanks,

    • Simon Willmore says:

      Hi Sam thanks for posting

      We would generally say that ‘work at home data entry’ jobs are to be avoided!

      But if you try or any similar job site, and type ‘data entry’ you can find a weekend data entry job which will let you fit the work around your existing schedule.

      Or you can try – a lot more reputable than most!

  224. Julie says:


    Just thought I`d point out that The Getting Paid To Iron starter kit is £175 not £75 as stated.

  225. Ahmed says:

    I want to know if you know any places where I can go for paid medical research please.

    • derek says:

      hi ahmed
      i was reading through this web site and i found your question, i think some newspapers do have these in but i would google it and then try some of their answers

  226. Pauline says:

    Hi, Where is the Forum with money making ideas disappeared to? I keep asking but nobody replies. Can anyone help please? Thank you.

  227. Tom says:

    I have some great ebooks on making a bit extra on the internet without any money and they’re free, check them out at my site

    • derek says:

      hi tom
      could u email me your web site so i can try some thnxs

    • peta says:

      Hi Tom
      Although its 2 years since you posted info on about free ebooks for making money on the internet I was hoping that you are still contactable! If so could forward details of your site so I can check these out. Thanks. Peta
      P.S Have you heard of the CoffeeShop Millionaire. Is this legit?

  228. Petagayle says:

    Hi girls,

    I came across your request as I was browing through the Moneymagpie website for ways of making extra money also and can tell you that there is such a UK based service as Dict8 for legal secretaries. They are called Document Direct. Their tel no. is 0845 309 6253 and email address is

  229. LYNDSAY says:

    hope there is antoinette cus i am a legal secretary looking to work a bit of extra house so if you know of one for the UK let me know.

    Good Luck



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