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Earn money as a market researcher

11 March 2020
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Do you love interacting with people and think you could earn some money from it? Then consider getting involved in the field of market research. It’s a great way to supplement you income.

Market research involves the gathering, then analysing information on consumers. This helps businesses understand what products people want, who will buy them, and for what price.

The collection of data requires someone who finds it easy to get on with people, and enjoys doing it.

If you think that you’d enjoy talking to strangers, and getting their opinions about various products and services, read on for our simple four-step Q&A to getting started.

What does a market researcher job involve?

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It mostly depends on the role you take on. You might be approaching people in the street, door-to-door or on the phone. Once employed, you’ll typically receive a few days’ training before you begin in earnest. You may also be accompanied by an expert on your first outing into the field.

  • If you’re going door to door asking questions, you’ll probably be given a list of streets to visit. Each with a set quota of interviews to conduct.
  • Alternatively you may have a pre-selected list of addresses to contact. These may contain the name of a specific person you need to speak to. Pre-selected interviews are often paid more as they’re harder to carry out.

What you need to know

  • Be polite and approachable. Always explain what the research is about and what it’ll be used for.
  • Make sure to record your answers. Take down the answers as you receive them. Then once the results are collated, they’re passed back to the organisation you’re working for.
  • Be aware of how you’ll be paid. Researchers are paid per completed interview, but you may find that your pay is topped up in the first few weeks as you learn the ropes. Some companies will also reimburse travel expenses and may offer bonuses to those who meet their targets.
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