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Clever storage solutions that can help you save money

Jasmine Birtles meets with professional organiser; Ingrid Jansen from APDO to find out her clever storage solutions that can help you save money.

APDO is the Association of Professional Declutters & Organisers


Jasmine: When it comes to getting organised you don’t have to spend lots of money on clever storage solutions. I’ve come to see professional organiser Ingrid Jansen to find out her clever tips.

Ingrid: So this comes from a hardware store and its normally for storing nut, bolts and little screws but I’ve decided to use it as a craft container for my kids to store little bits and bobs in. This one is similar in a slightly different shape. It’s a bit larger but the same idea with lots of small compartments. This one is for my daughter’s jewellery making but it could also be used for my son’s Lego. Try to be creative when you come to deciding what to use different storage units for.

Jasmine: So what have we got here?

Ingrid: I would like to show you some solutions that don’t cost any money. Here I’ve found a great way to reuse one of my daughters small shoe boxes and I’ve stored all my herb bottles in it. This is great because it keeps them all together in one place. When you’re cooking you can just take the box and put it next to your stove for ease of access.

The second thing I wanted to show you is just a tin, in this case a baked-beans tin, once you’ve eaten all of the baked beans you just clean the tin and then it can be used as a storage pot. These are great as desk tidies for your pens and pencils but can be used for all sorts of things such as kitchen utensils and paint brushes.

Thirdly I want to show you one of my tins, I actually use this old biscuit tin as a sewing box. Its really good for keeping everything together in one place. I always have things like a needle and thread and some buttons to hand in my kitchen which makes it easy to mend something really quickly.

Last but not least, I want to show you my wardrobe and I want to show you the two types of hanger that I use most. First you have a thick triangle hanger that’s suitable for a suit with a rung to put trousers on. You can get these in plastic or wood, either is fine. The other kind I use is this thinner hanger which is perfect for shirts and blouses. Thinner hangers where possible mean can fit more in your wardrobe.

You know all my secrets now Jasmine! Thanks for coming to my house.

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Clear Your Clutter Campaign seen in
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