The Clear Your Clutter Day

What’s happening and how you can get involved.

Activities before the Clear Your Clutter Day

CYCD Win £50 Amazon giftcards

Win a £50 Amazon voucher every month.

In January, February and March 2018 we are offering a £50 Amazon voucher to the reader who posts the most impressive decluttering pictures to us on social media.

Send us your ‘before and after’ pictures of a room, a cupboard or even a garden that you have de-cluttered.

Send them to our Twitter account @ClearClutterDay or to our Facebook page or email them to us at [email protected] and we will judge the best one that we receive in that month. We will also upload all the pictures – plus any of your comments – on this page.

What are you waiting for? Go get that 50 quid!

Take part in our week of competitions

From Tuesday 3rd to Tuesday 10th April we will be running a competition every day to win storage and cleaning equipment.

The competitions will feature on our ‘Videos and Competitons‘ page and you will be reminded of them through the MoneyMagpie newsletter so make sure you’re signed up!

Listen to the radio

On Friday 13th April, listen to your radio to hear Jasmine and a selling expert talking on local and national radio about Clear Your Clutter and how you can get involved and make money.

We will know nearer the day which radio stations they will be on so check this page to find out.

Download our free eBook

By March 2018 we will produce our own Clear Your Clutter Campaign eBook which will be free to download.

It will be full of ideas for us to de-clutter our lives and make more money. It will also have ways in which we can help to de-clutter our environment, our politics, our schools and workplaces. Let’s face it, we live in a cluttered country and life would be simpler, happier and richer if we could get rid of some of the complications that hold us back.

It’s not beyond any of us to make a material difference in our surroundings. We just need to know how, and that’s what you will find in this book.


Activities on National Clear Your Clutter Day

Google Hang-out with de-cluttering experts

CYCD 2017's expert panel

At 11am on Friday 13th April we will be hosting a Google Hangout to give you tips and inspiration for your big clear-out.

We will have de-cluttering experts around the country dialing in and showing us what they’re doing with their clients’ cluttered rooms and answering any questions you have.

We will also have experts in selling things for the maximum cash, so if you have items you think might be worth something – but you’re not sure – call in on Google and show us what they are. Our experts will give you an idea if they’re worth something!



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