Clear Your Clutter Campaign

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How you can get involved

The Clear Your Clutter Campaign is a year-round push to get us all to make money, save money and gain freedom by de-cluttering our lives on every level.

It has been set up by Jasmine Birtles, TV money guru and founder of Jasmine says, “we lose millions every year by buying stuff we don’t need or not selling things we no longer want and then not using up what we already have because it’s hidden under piles of other junk! I believe households could be significantly richer if they de-junked their lives, cashed-in on what they have and lived simpler, more clutter-free lives going forward.”

The campaign reaches a peak each Spring with the National Clear Your Clutter Day (this year it was Friday 13th April) with activities around the country and online. However, things don’t just come to a close with the Clear Your Clutter Day, there are new ideas, videos and articles every week!


Clearing clutter, making money from it and recycling what we already have are habits we can profit from all year round. So we have loads of ideas and tips for you here to help de-clutter and really live.


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