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Why a clean house is good for your mental well being

Most people hate doing the chores around their homes. However, many of those people cannot even imagine how cleanliness can impact not only on the home environment but on your mental health, too. Doing the chores can boost your mood, help you get better sleep, have positive effect on your relationships and help you get in shape. Can you believe it? Here I will share with you some impressive effects of the clean home on your physical and mental well being.


#1 Reduces the levels of depression and stress

If you spend most of your time at work and the thought of coming home to a dirty and messy place can only exhaust you even more, do not act surprised. There is a study that indicates that housewives who live in messy homes are much more stressed, depressed and tired than housewives who live in a cleaner home environment. It is proven that having a long list of domestic chores may prevent the decline in the stress hormone called cortisol which makes you feel not in the right mood.

The best tip we can give is to spare a couple of minutes each day to do a chore. You will see for yourself that being on top of the cleaning duties can make you feel happier and more satisfied at the end of the day.


#2 Helps you eat better

There is a research which shows that a tidy, clean home can make you eat healthier. According to a study, people who work in tidy place are more likely to choose an apple for a snack instead of a chocolate bar. Messy places are stressful for your mental well-being, so you are more likely to choose unhealthy food than if you live in a tidier environment.


#3 Improves the workout

It is proven that people who live in more organised and tidy homes are more likely to stick to their workout schedules. Once you are used to following a cleaning routine, you will tend to be better at sticking to your workout routine as well. Not to mention how many exercises you can do while end of tenancy cleaning.


#4 Cleanliness can increase your productivity

Clutter and mess can have a negative effect on your ability to be productive. If there are too many uncleaned and untidy things in your home, it makes it harder for your brain to focus on just one task and it makes it harder to work the brain into the whole information it receives. Therefore, having less untidy things to look at can make it easier to concentrate. Furthermore, increased productivity means doing more tasks. Completing all of the tasks in a quicker manner means you can have more free time to simply relax. Making time for yourself will have an impact on your mood! Even more, you will have more time to workout, get more sleep and cook healthier meals. All of these are good for your mental well-being.


#4 Boost your relationships

Healthy relationships lead to a happier life. Surprisingly or not, living in a messy, cluttered home can have a negative effect on your relationships with people. If you have a roommate, not doing the chores such as vacuuming or washing the dishes can spark indignation. Often, clutter creates conflict of interest and tension.

A messy home causes embarrassment, making you avoid having guests. Unfortunately, this can make you feel depressed or even isolated.


#5 Helps you lose weight

The more free time you have, the easier it is for you to make healthier choices. The tidier your home is, the more time you will have to cook healthy meals instead of going for junk food. When you have good organisational skills, you can easily plan your meals and prepare healthier food.


#6 Helps sleep better

As we already said, living in a neat and tidy home improves your sleep and can reduce the stress levels. This is not the only advantage of living in a clean home. Most people admit to sleeping better on freshly changed sheets. Moreover, doing simple things like making your bed in the morning would help you get healthy sleep.

Doing the daily chores on a regular basis means that you do not have to rush before bedtime. Make sure to do the household duties before you hit the sheets and you will see for yourself that this can lead to a healthy sleep.


Not only will cleaning improve the look of your home but it will also boost your mental health. Doing the chores is a perfect way to enjoy your home and feel happier. However, cleaning the cooker twice a day, for example, is bad for your health and could make you feel even more stressed. Being on top of the cleaning duties is great but do not be too obsessive.

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