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10 ways to Make Money with Swagbucks

Fabian Broeker 12th Aug 2019 3 Comments

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Fancy making a bit of cash on the side? A cheeky few extra coins here and there can make all the difference. We’ve found a great way to do this with minimal effort. Check this out.


Swagbucks is a system that lets you earn points which you can then spend on gift cards from Amazon etc, or cash back from PayPal. It’s as simple as that. Here are ten easy ways you can earn points, and make some extra cash.

10 ways to earn on Swagbucks

  1. Trial Amazon Prime for 30 days. This one really is a no-brainer. You can earn a load of SB points simply by watching great films and TV shows for a month. Catch Amazon’s new smash-hit Superhero satire, The Boys, or watch any of their original content like Beautiful Boy or The Marvellous Mrs Maisel. Seriously, you get all of this free for 30 days and a load of points. Win, win, and win.
  2. Take a 3 minute survey. Got some spare time while you’re waiting at the tills at the supermarket or queuing at your usual lunchtime bistro, well why not use that time productively and fill out a survey? It takes just 3 minutes!
  3. Get paid to book a holiday. Swagbucks partnered with Booking.com which means for every £1 you spend through their website you get 3 SB points, that can mean a big reward if you are booking a big summer holiday or winter break.
  4. Watch videos. That’s right you can earn SB points simply by sitting down, getting comfortable and watching a load of great content. Ever made an easier buck?
  5. Buy a new phone. Carphone Warehouse are also involved with Swagbucks, so you can get a great new phone and when you buy it you’ll get credited SB points, so it’s basically like saving money from your purchase.
  6. Answer a 15 minute survey. This one is perfect for your morning commute. Fancy turning that wasted time as you hoist yourself to work into something a lot more productive. You could take a 15 minute survey, the perfect length to fill out on the go.
  7. Play a mobile game. There are a load of games on your phone that you can get SB points for through Swagbucks. For example, you could play World War Rising on your iPhone. After you hit a certain level you’ll get your points credited to your account. Perfect if you need that extra bit of motivation to hit a new high score.
  8. Play Final Fantasy. Love Final Fantasy? Imagine getting essentially paid to play it? That’s right, there are a load of Final Fantasy related offers on Swagbucks which you can complete to earn SB points.
  9. Get a free Simply Cook box. There are loads of great offers like this. Take part in a free trial of Simply Cook, where you get a free box delivered to your home to cook a delicious meal. Oh and that means more SB points for you…
  10. Play SwagJump. Swagbucks has some special games on their website that you can participate in to get extra SB points. One of them is SwagJump. What is it? Well, there’s only one way to find out…



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4 years ago

Number 4 is my favorite, you can do it all day. This is what passive income is all about

4 years ago

Have signed up will see how it goes.

4 years ago

I joined Swagbucks well over a year ago and then did nothing with it. Quite by accident I found my log-in details a couple of months ago and decided to give it my best shot. As with a lot of these things, for me, I am limited to the parts that I can earn points from, but I am pleased that I have already cashed-out once and am well on my way to my second and somewhat larger goal. Obviously, the more ways you are able to put into action, the faster you will earn. I have to say I… Read more »

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