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£40k apprenticeship Opportunity

Moneymagpie Team 19th Mar 2019 One Comment

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HushHush.com, an exclusive online marketplace dubbed ‘Amazon for millionaires’. It is offering one lucky person an apprenticeship within their luxury concierge service. They’re looking for the right candidate to help fulfil the wishes of their wealthy clientele. The best part is they are willing to pay a £40,000 salary!

The Job

The job is a little mysterious from what we can make out. It will involve learning how to support wealthy customers with issues affecting the super rich. That means doing things such as booking a table at an exclusive restaurant. You could find yourself procuring tickets to sold out events and organising private jets.

They will also need you to be prepared to be on stand-by, responding to queries outside of regular working hours. The role will be based at the HushHush.com head office in London, while the required training will take place in Monaco. The successful candidate will also be expected to travel to exotic locations around the world. That includes lengthy trips to the USA and Japan.

What skills do I need?

You will need to be over 18.

You will also need to be someone with exceptional customer service skills and a lot of patience. You must not be work shy. This is no ordinary apprenticeship and the salary reflects that.

You don’t have to have previous hospitality experience. But you must have people skills and attitude. Therefore candidates will need to be able to schmooze clients and feel comfortable working in any situation.

The fine print

The job will have a salary of £40,000 per annum and frequent travel perks.

Applicants will be subject to a strict and thorough selection process to ensure that only the best are given the opportunity to fulfil the role. Once selected, the ‘apprentice’ will enrol on a concierge training course, where they will be trained not only in servicing the needs of their wealthy clients, but also in the etiquette needed in high society.

Aaron Harpin, HushHush,com founder said,

“Luxury concierge is not your average job but it is one that can be really rewarding and can often lead to some fantastic experiences. We are looking for someone that can really bring their own personality and magic to the role.”

“This is really exciting for us as we realise that this isn’t an environment that many people have the opportunity to explore. The reality is, people in these sorts of roles aren’t so different to the ‘average’. The relationships that can be built through these sorts of jobs are something special and we can’t wait for the ‘apprentice’ to start.”

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5 years ago

Definitely a great opportunity.

Jasmine Birtles

Your money-making expert. Financial journalist, TV and radio personality.

Jasmine Birtles

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