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Jul 09

6 magnificent ways to make money

Reading Time: 3 mins

A report out this week shows that UK householders are feeling more worried about their finances than ever, even though there are green shoots of recovery showing. So we’ve dug out our ‘magnificent seven’ ways to make money quickly for all.


1. Online surveys – give your opinion and get paid for it

Someone completing an online survey on a laptop

This brings in a relatively small income, but is low effort and a great way to make quick cash from the comfort of your computer. Some of our favourite free sites, as recommended by you Moneymagpie readers, include Digital Trends, LifePoints and Valued Opinions. Try setting up a separate email account first so your personal one doesn’t get flooded with survey-related emails, and remember that genuine online survey sites will never ask you to pay or reveal your card details. Always stay safe online – click here to find out more.


2. Pick the best competitions

Most of us never bother with competitions because we think our chances of winning are so slim, but it’s much more likely than you might think. The website Prime Prizes is a great place to start. Free to join, it has plenty of prizes up for grabs like luxury holidays, hampers and shopping sprees.


3. Claim your free MoneyMagpie newsletter and eBooks

MoneyMagpie Newsletter on Smartphone

Subscribe to our Make Money newsletter and every Tuesday we’ll send you insider tips and expert advice to help you earn more cash. Each issue contains special bargains designed to save you cash too. You can also download any of our eBooks for FREE!


4. Make money as a mystery shopper

Mystery shopper in disguise

By being a mystery shopper you can get paid while eating out, shopping or even going on holiday. MoneyMagpie founder Jasmine Birtles has been a mystery shopper for more than five years, earning money and bagging freebies left, right and centre. Download your special eBook that includes a step-by-step guide to becoming a mystery shopper and details of all the best mystery shopper firms.


5. Make money as a mother

Woman lying on a blanket next to a baby

You could make hundreds by teaching mothering skills to new mums. British Doulas runs a course for mums who would like to become doulas and make around £15 an hour as a post-birth doula. Birth doulas make about £400 for a birth. Find out more about upcoming courses.


6. Free money-making training

Online Training Course on Laptop

If you’re looking to top up your income and free up your time to do the things in life you dream of, laptop lifestyle experts Greg and Fiona Scott could help. Having built up their own successful online business, the authors of Living a Laptop Lifestyle now offer free online training courses to help you do the same. The series is easy to follow and designed to start you thinking about earning serious money online as soon as possible – even if you aren’t a computer whiz.

Claim your free 7 Day video training series to learn how to start thriving online and begin creating YOUR ultimate lifestyle business.



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4 years ago

Hi Gurmeet are you still attending fairs with your home made goods? If so, where are you based?

Gurmeet Kaur
Gurmeet Kaur
8 years ago

The best way to make money is selling things you’ve made at summer/winter fairs, festivals and markets. I find flower headbands, friendship bracelets and homemade jewellery is a nice money maker 🙂

Wendy Collard
Wendy Collard
8 years ago

Well after I became a stay at home Mum I decided to start trying to do my bit for the family to ease the burden on my husband. I am now what you would call a ‘comper’ – I enter loads of free to enter competitions online and do pretty well. Christmas time is never usually a problem as I save my wins in a box and my family get them at Christmas, they are usually much nicer than ones I would ever have brought! My family actually get quite excited wondering what they may be getting! I’ve won a… Read more »

8 years ago

My best way of making money on the side is I go to a lot of local networking events and I usually drop into the conversation about cashback websites, I then get peoples business cards & tell them I’ll email them a link, then I get between £7 & £15 per referral. I’ve made £235 this year so far just on referrals & last year I made £560… as a new business owner I then tend to get business out of them too as I’ve done them a favour giving them a way to make extra money themselves too.

Fiona Illand
Fiona Illand
8 years ago

My favourite way of making money is selling cake toppers on eBay. I got a Canon printer on Freegle, bought some edible ink and paper and that was it. Easy to pop in and out of doing it whenever I have a free moment.

Moneymagpie Team
Moneymagpie Team
8 years ago
Reply to  Fiona Illand

Hi Fiona. Can you please contact us via email – kamal.khurana@moneymagpie.com Thanks, Moneymagpie Team 🙂

7 years ago
Reply to  Fiona Illand

Hi. Sounds like a brilliant idea. But how do you go about it? I mean how do you put edible ink in a printer and what sort of paper do you print on?
I would reply appreciate your feedback on this. (No pun intended!)

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