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Accomplishing Trade Show Success for Your Business

Moneymagpie Team 2nd May 2019 No Comments

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Trade shows offer your business an event primed for success. A trade show display positioned among a willing audience of target consumers gives your sales team the ability to complete immediate transactions. Plus, you get a first-hand look at your company’s direct competition in the marketplace. A trade show features the ideal circumstances for emerging entrepreneurs or established corporations to grow brand awareness and make money.

There’s quite a bit at stake though, should you staff your booth poorly or miss the mark with a showing that pales in comparison to other tradeshow displays. At minimum, you could waste company time and resources. More importantly, a poor trade show performance can negatively affect current and potential customer perceptions. Truly, nothing reveals the power of consumer opinion quite like the long-term loss of revenue that’s a direct result of negative word of mouth.

Take advantage of the opportunity for trade show success by revealing the best that your business has to offer. Put key employees with a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm in place at trade shows. Charisma and expertise distinguish your business’ offerings among a sea of other trade show displays. Further, your staff can connect one on one with customers, building relationships that result in profits.

But, when it comes to the execution of trade show displays, outsource the planning, construction, and staging so you can focus on your people, your product, and your buyers. Arguably the best in its field, ExpoMarketing offers an entire team of smart and creative personnel that deliver a package of services including custom trade show displays. If needed, ExpoMarketing can design and build trade show displays from scratch. But, they’ll also work with you to bring your own team’s design to life.

One of the benefits of ExpoMarketing is that they get to know your company’s needs, goals, and budget. Then, project management from a dedicated Account Executive ensures the creative process produces a trade show display that meets your vision. They’ll also ensure that space requirements and event rules are followed.

Another highlight of outsourcing trade show displays and trade show planning to ExpoMarketing is their event concierge. They handle details like filing paperwork and tracking deadlines leading up the show.

And, by using ExpoMarketing, you see your trade show display complete and fully staged before the event at their Tunsten facility. All lighting, signage, and branding will be physically available to approve before you are on site for the show.

Trade shows are an extremely valuable opportunity for any size business. Connecting with customers one on one lets you brand your company, create a buzz, make immediate sales, and leave a positive impression that increases revenue down the line. With high quality trade show displays that suit the venue and your business’ goals and project management from ExpoMarketing, success is nearly a sure thing.

All that’s left is for you to select the right staff and ensure they’re ready to show your product and services to your waiting customers. Good Luck!


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