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Earn money by sharing your internet connection

Isobel Lawrance 30th May 2023 No Comments

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This is a promotional article on behalf of Honeygain

Earn money by sharing your internet connection 

As the world struggles through a period of economic uncertainty, many people are looking at alternative ways to make extra money on the side. According to a study by Finder, 44% of Brits have at least one side hustle, with the most popular ways to earn cash including selling old or unwanted items, creating content, and creating products to sell.  

The National Living Wage in the UK currently stands at £10.42 per hour, a rise of 9.7 per cent compared to the previous financial year. However, due to this rise not keeping up with current inflation levels of 10.1%, money is still lost in real terms, as you need to spend more money to buy the same goods. For example, even though wages increased in April, food inflation is at 19.2%, meaning the real value of your income may be decreasing. 

So, it’s no surprise many are turning to side hustles to put a little extra in the bank. But many people don’t have time to take up a second job, take extra shifts at work, or create a small side business for themselves. Many of us may have childcare responsibilities or other commitments. In these instances, passive income streams may be a better option. Income streams allow a person to earn from something without having to actively participate in it. 


This is where useful tools such as Honeygain come in. Honeygain allows you to make money by sharing your internet connection. Now, that may seem daunting, but at MoneyMagpie we believe cybersecurity and the safety of personal information is key. So, let us explain what Honeygain does, and how you can earn extra income easily.  

When you start using Honeygain, your devices act as view towers to help businesses globally use the internet without location-based restrictions or censorship. It can be downloaded onto devices with a stable internet connection, including Linux, Android, Windows, macOS and iOS devices. 

So, you are now safely and securely sharing your internet connection using Honeygain. But how much could you actually earn? Well, the average earning is $40 per month. With various earning boosters, you can make over a hundred dollars every month if you wish to do so. 

Why is Honeygain so important? 

Not only is Honeygain a great method of earning extra money without much effort at all, but it is an extremely useful tool across the globe. A huge number of remote side hustles are aimed at North America and other Western regions. Honeygain allows people in other regions of the world with limited opportunities to earn extra money in an easy and straight-forward way.  

Completing online surveys is a popular option for people to make additional income in less-developed regions of the world. However, it requires effort and time commitments to earn money through survey sites.   

Honeygain is another option due to its accessibility worldwide. It can make a difference to people’s financial status in these regions without requiring additional work. 

For example, in Gambia, the minimum wage currently stands at 50 dalasi per day – approximately $1.25 or £1.01. Average food costs in Gambia are approximately $107 per person, per month – that’s just under $25 per week. If someone living in Gambia earns $40 per month from Honeygain, they would be able to use the money to pay for almost two weeks of groceries. 

Similarly, the minimum wage in Chile is 410,000 Chilean Peso per month – that’s about $512. So, allowing a person living in Chile the opportunity to earn $40 to supplement their income means they would be getting over 7.5% added to their monthly earnings. 

These examples show just why applications like Honeygain are invaluable in helping people earn money in ways not possible before. Honeygain is giving people the opportunity to supplement their incomes no matter their financial status or background. 


Earnings depend on the demand for your location from Honeygain’s business clients, plus the number of users in your area. Users can refer friends to get a permanent 10% bonus added to their earnings or participate in social media contests to increase their earning potential. 

You have a choice to be paid through either PayPal or cryptocurrency. You can even set up your earnings to pay for a subscription service automatically, including Spotify Premium, Netflix, and Xbox Live. 

Additionally, all user payouts are made secure by two-factor authentication (2FA). With single-factor authentication, you only need one form of confirmation to log into your account – your password. However, the app’s 2FA means you will need a unique code, sent by email, text message or a special authentication app to log in and get your payment. This prevents the money you earn falling into the wrong hands. 

There’s not just money to be earned, either. Users are the main beneficiary of Honeygain, and are entered into contests, offered special features like Lucky Pot and a great referral programme. When you refer a friend, they get $5 free for signing up, and when they share over 200 MB you’ll be entered to win up to 4 million Honeygain credits worth of prizes, including Macbooks, gift cards and more. Honeygain’s priority is your online security, offering you the opportunity to earn a great passive income and fun rewards, without ever compromising your information. 

Privacy and security 

Honeygain securely shares your internet connection, without using or gaining access to any of your personal data. The only information collected from you is your email address and IP address.  

Only publicly available data is collected when you share your internet connection, so no secure or private data can be used. This data is then used by reputable, credible companies, lwho use it for market research, price comparisons, and other verified business practices. 

In short, Honeygain enables businesses to perform data-intensive operations, thanks to Honeygain users who supply the internet bandwidth. It solves what tech reviewers call “large data gathering problems” and improves business processes. If you’re ever annoyed by irrelevant ads, you can help correct the ad placement by using Honeygain.  

Honeygainis serious about privacy and will never access your device’s storage. Not only has it passed all anti-virus checks, but it prides itself on putting your cybersecurity first. Proxyware can be an uncertain topic for many, and a lack of awareness can lead to worries and concerns. So, they do all they can to stop security threats head on to put users at ease. 


If you want to make money passively with a click of a button, you can sign up for Honeygain here. Plus, as a valued MoneyMagpie reader, you’ll get $5 free as a gift from Honeygain. Click here, or use code ‘MONEYMAGPIE’ at checkout.

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