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Free money on offer with Skedadle

Vicky Parry 4th Jul 2022 No Comments

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Scottish start-up Skedadle have launched an App that pays you to play games while you travel. Meaning you can take back some of your “dead time” on that commute to work. 

With news that people are cutting back on food shopping as prices continue to rise, as well as predictions 21 million households will, on average, see the cost of living outpace incomes come October, Skedadle founder Nick Macandrew said the app could help ease the burden a bit. 

He said: “The cost of living crisis is hitting everyone, and our app helps ease that impact by giving people cash for simply playing games as they take a journey on a sustainable mode of transport. There is no catch – we will transfer the money straight into a user’s bank account every month. 

“The cost of fuel is the highest it has been for years, while there is increased pressure on our public transport networks. All of the headlines around travel just now are negative. However, part of the hassle of travelling can be eased by playing the app safe in the knowledge you’ll get money at the end of the month. It makes that time spent travelling to and from work or the shops more bearable.” 

The app, which can be used on any smartphone, gives users money for every 15 minutes spent playing games while they travel on sustainable modes of transport such as buses, trams and trains or as part of a lift share. 

And since launching, the company has attracted hundreds of users across the country, as well received backing from various investors including Abrdn co-founder Martin Gilbert. 

Nick added: “We are delighted with how things have gone so far, and the feedback from users has been good. Some people are making as much as £60 a month for simply playing games while they travel, which can make a big difference. We are proud to be helping people, and look forward to continuing to do what we can as the cost of living increases ever more.” 

The app, which is available via Google Play and Skedadle’s online channels, also allows users to take advantage of special offers and coupons from Skedadle’s partner organisations including Domino’s and Six by Nico, with Nick and his team working on plans to give people the ability to spend money made with advertisers directly via the app. 

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