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Get Paid For Bedtime Reading

Vicky Parry 15th Feb 2023 No Comments

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Make money reading, Sounds like another dream job time: would you like to earn £1,000 to read for 30 minutes before bed each night? 

In an attempt to find out how reading can impact sleep, experts are offering a grand to one lucky applicant. All you have to do is spend a month reading before going to bed, and then spend another month drifting off without the help of a book.  

A free sleep-tracking device will be provided to track the differences to determine whether reading before bed has a positive or negative impact on sleep quality. The fully-remote job has been listed by Get Laid Beds, who are on the hunt for someone who will report to the team on how books improved or diminished their sleep. 

Alongside the data gathered from the sleep tracker, the candidate will be asked to fill out a form at the end of the experiment detailing their own thoughts on how reading affected their sleep. 

Sleep expert Dr Daisy Sharer says, “There is a wide held belief that switching off screens and picking up a book as we wind down before bed has a significant impact on our ability to sleep. 

“This experiment wants to go slightly further to assess exactly how long someone should read before bed, what they should read as well as directly comparing what happens if we choose to do the opposite and not read at all before bed. 

“The resulting data should give us a good indication of what measures, when it comes to reading, people should take if they struggle to get consistently good sleep at night.” 


How to apply to make money reading

get paid to read

The candidate must be 18, be eligible to work in the UK and answer some questions about their favourite books on the Get Laid Beds application form. The application is currently open and the deadline for applications closes at midnight on 10th March, 2023. 

The role will be remote and carried out at home. Candidates can choose any book from any genre and will be prompted to send through images of the books they are reading to include in the findings. 

Helena Young, Marketing Executive at Get Laid Beds, comments, “We loved seeing the results from our previous survey, but we’re even more excited to put the results of the survey to the test. We want to see if reading before bed really does give us a better night’s sleep, and whether reading means we drift off quicker.” 

A previous survey by Get Laid Beds has shown that reading is the most effective ritual to do before bed – over taking a walk, meditating or making yourself a cuppa – to get the best night’s sleep. 

If you think this is the role for you and you dream of being able to make money reading, you can apply on the company website. 

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