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Hardship Grants: March 2022

Lydia 28th Feb 2022 3 Comments

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It is the start of a new month so the hardship grants March 2022 round-up is here. People often start googling terms such as “get money now” and “get money quick” and read our many suggestions for often fun ways to make quick cash. However, one thing a lot of people are not fully aware of is that there are hardship grants available when times are hard. With everything from help for talented theatre professionals to help to get mobility aids, take a look and see if any apply to you. 

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MAD Trust 

The Make A Difference Trust aims to help current workers within West End Theatre whether that be as an actor or back of house worker.  The fund is designed to support workers when unforeseen circumstances arise. Their website also includes links to further support.  


Addington Fund 

The Addington Fund provides grants to past and present farmworkers. They can provide a grant of up to £1000 for essentials around the home. This can range from white goods, beds and specialist equipment for disabled people. Applications can be made directly to them via the website.  


British Legion  

The British Legion provide a variety of grants, but one offers immediate help when a crisis arises. The Crisis grant can provide you with food vouchers, help to find accommodation when facing homelessness and help to purchase essentials.  If you are a member of the armed forces community, you are eligible to apply and are encouraged to email or phone for more information.


Greggs Foundation 

Not only do Greggs sell tasty treats but they support those in need. They aim to help families in need afford a range of items from white goods to school uniforms. Applications are only accepted from partner organisations but are assessed weekly.  


Cosaraf Hardship Grants 

Aimed at supporting the most financially excluded families, cosaraf provide grants of up to £2000 to families in need. Support can be given for a variety of items from white goods to utility bills. Like some other grants, funding can only be applied for by recognised social organisations.  



Live West Crisis Grant 

Live West supports its customers by providing hardship grants in crisis situations. Grants can support a range of things from food to emergency energy top-ups. Applications must be made through LiveWest customer income officers.  


Sherburn House Fund Individual Hardship 

Aimed at those in the North East of England, the Sherborn House Fund can provide funding of up to £300. Items such as white goods can be applied for as well as school uniforms. Like other grants, applications must come via referral from a social organisation. 


Food Banks 

In a time when many are choosing between heating and eating, it is important to remember food banks are available. We have included a link to the Trussel Trust’s food bank locator in case you are in need of assistance in accessing food.  


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2 years ago

Very informative.

James David
James David
2 years ago

Good information

2 years ago


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