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How to make extra cash online, with zero experience

Kelly 4th Jul 2019 2 Comments

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Spare cash always comes in handy. But are you making the most of your money-making opportunities? Logging on certainly helps you cash in.

From filming your face to offering your opinions, there’s so much you can do to maximise those extra pennies. In some cases you could get a whole new career!

To save you some time, we’ve found 5 of the best ways to make extra cash online. Best of all, our tips require zero experience so you can get started right away…


5. Online surveys

A few clicks is all it takes to find online survey sites. They ask you questions, and your answers provide essential data for companies marketing their products.

Here’s the thing. They pay you for your time. You can earn between £2 to £10 per survey (approx) and the sites offer a variety of tasks. It isn’t all mindless box ticking.

If you’re after a simple survey then Swagbucks caters to your needs. Meanwhile, Prolific Academic stretches your mind if you’re after more challenging subjects.

Online survey sites aren’t a way to get rich, but they give your finances a much needed lift. A no brainer for extra cash! For more information about your options, you can read this article.


4. Cashback

If we told you there was a way of making spare cash just by shopping, you might think we were pulling your leg. However this is just what happens with cashback.

How does it work? By signing up to a cashback site (many are free) such as TopCashback and Quidco, you gain access to their impressive network of partners.

These include major retailers, who pay cashback companies to send traffic in their direction. The companies then take that money and pass it back to you.

As long as you click on the cashback links, then it’s all good. You could get around 5% or more back on what you spend. Cashback can even bag you some free food.


3. YouTube

A productive route to earning extra cash from your front room is YouTube. From vlogging to household tips, the market for new and interesting videos is enormous.

Here’s the best part. You don’t have to be experienced to make a video. A pro quality production can be shot on your phone and edited with minimum effort.

No idea what to shoot? Maybe you have an interesting story to tell, or you might just want to talk about what you had for lunch. The content is yours to monetise.

Many YouTubers have their eye on making it big and raking in millions of pounds along with those hits. Who knows, you could become the next big thing out there.


2. Affiliate marketing

Already have an online presence? Spare cash can be made with affiliate marketing. Just as cashback sites are paid for directing traffic, you can do the same.

Here’s the lowdown. A network such as Affiliate Window puts you in touch with companies looking for people to talk about their products online.

It could be a guest blog post, providing you have a big enough reach. Or it may be something as straightforward as tweeting, and engaging others in conversation.

As long as you feel comfortable promoting the product – and if you aren’t, then marketing is a no no in the first place – then this should be a rewarding path for you.


1. Selling

Sometimes the old ways are the best. It’s easy to forget in this digital age, but the business of selling physical items online is still alive and kicking.

This is great. Many of us have quality items we don’t need lying around the house. Blu-Rays we bought once and never watched again. Clothes that only got one outing.

Log onto eBay or a more specialized site such as Etsy and you’re bound to find a market for your stuff, whether it’s a one time sale or an ongoing thing.

Be sure to pick a site with a secure payment system, rather than relying on too much personal interaction for your transactions. Also beware of scammers that might be lurking.

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Sarah caunter
Sarah caunter
4 years ago

I’m with swagbucks and it’s a fantastic site to earn lots of gift cards I’ve had over a hundred pounds in amazon vouchers from completing the daily list and doing surveys but let me explain when you do a survey you must take your time and not rush or you will be screened out.

4 years ago

A useful article.

Jasmine Birtles

Your money-making expert. Financial journalist, TV and radio personality.

Jasmine Birtles

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