How to make money ethically in your community

How to Make Money Ethically in Your Community

04 August 2020
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According to research and tracking from The Co-operative Group, sales of ethical goods and services in the UK have increased tenfold in 20 years, now hitting record highs. Alongside this, more people are taking ethical approaches to business and investing. While others are paying attention to where the money they spend actually goes.

As more people care about the impact their money has on the world, the more opportunities there are to make money ethically. We’ve done some brainstorming to put together some ideas on how you can get started making money ethically in your community.

crowdfund projects

Crowdfunding can support your community projects

The first example of crowdfunding happened in 1997, but has continued to grow in popularity ever since. It’s now one of the most popular ways for individuals and small businesses to raise funds for new ideas. No matter what your project is, crowdfunding is a great way to raise awareness of what you’re doing and to encourage people to donate.

Brainstorm ideas of services or products that you think would benefit your community. It could be anything like doing a litter pick to keep the community clean, offering a transport service for those with limited accessibility, or opening up a food kitchen. There are no real limitations for what you can offer – whatever you think would be beneficial, it’s worth trying to get it started.

You can offer these services freely to those who need it. Use crowdfunding platforms such as Crowdfunder, Kickstarter, or Go Fund Me, to promote what you’re doing and raise the cash for the project. Crowdfunded projects are great money-making opportunities as you have so much control and make it flexible to fit with your needs, deadlines, and specific financial goals.

Create sustainable tourism projects

Sustainable tourism is becoming increasingly popular on a global scale, but it can be improved locally, too. If you live near a UK beauty spot, or your local area receives a lot of tourism, setting up a business focusing on sustainable tourism is a good way to make money ethically.

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