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Make money by listening to music

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“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of everyday life: music and cats,” someone profound once said, and while we know you can get paid to look after cats, did you know you can make money by listening to music?

Crazy, right?

Well, that’s what Slicethepie is offering. Excited? Here’s how it works…


how can you make money by listening to music?

Man relaxing at home listening to music

When we say music scout, we don’t mean a boy in shorts with his trusty Swiss army knife, warbling next to a campfire.

It’s simply what Slicethepie calls a music reviewer.

They pay you to share your opinion on new songs before they are released, going directly to the unsigned artists to help them improve whatever it is they’re working on. This is why it is so important reviews are specific and constructive.

Luckily you don’t need to know anything about music to write a good review! Explaining how it makes you feel and comparing it to the other artists/songs you already know is enough to be useful. If you still feel a bit daunted, you can find some handy tips at this link here.


reviewing with slicethepie

Woman listening to music on a mobile phone

‘The scouting room’ is where all the reviewing takes place.

The bands upload their tracks to the room and then Slicethepie selects them at random for you to listen to. All the tracks are anonymous until you’ve reviewed them, which means you can’t be picky about what you review. It’s pretty clever actually.

  1. To review a piece of music, you need to listen to at least 90 seconds of the track before you can start writing. The more in-depth and specific your opinion, the better, although you will need 45 words in your review at minimum.
  2. Next, you rate it from 1-10.
  3. Then fill in a checklist for how you would describe the song if it was a person (for example, is the music funky? Playful? Sexy?)

And you’re done! Just click Submit to move onto your next review.


reviewing like a pro

Girl listening to music and writing

The tricky bit is how to get the maximum amount of money out of your review.

Rather than a flat rate, Slicethepie pays you depending on your star rating which in turn depends on the quality of your reviews, judged on the following criteria:

  • How close your rating of the track is to the average score the track has received from other reviewers; for example, you will have a low accuracy if you think a track deserves a 9/10 but most other scouts only gave it a 3.
  • Whether your feedback is detailed and meaningful – that is, something that will actually benefit the artist.
  • How active you are as a scout – the more proper reviews you do, the higher your rating (but this doesn’t apply if you aren’t taking the time to correctly review the tracks).
  • Your ability to spot and ‘tip’ artists that go on to have success. (More on this in a moment.)

Based on our tests, your rating goes up one star for every 30 tracks you review, assuming that you listen to enough of the song and put effort into your reviews.

When you first register with Slicethepie, they will ask for your email address.

This is IMPORTANT because you must make sure it is the same one as for your PayPal account, which is how you get paid.

Although it will be a little while before it starts mounting up, as soon as you hit $10 you can make a withdrawal and get cold, hard, well-earned cash. Your star rating is also something to watch out for.


I’m like a star, a star

Man using headphones to listen to music

Your star rating will increase how much you get paid per piece of music. For some reason, despite it being a UK company, Slicethepie pays everyone in US dollars – but not to worry, as you can convert it back easily with your PayPal account.

A pretty standard guide for how much Slicethepie pays out (converted back to UK pence) is:

  • One star: 2p per review
  • Two stars: 4p per review
  • Three stars: 6p per review
  • Four stars: 8p per review
  • Five stars: 10p per review

The total amount you receive per review can vary depending on the items you’re reviewing between different categories and you should expect to see your payments range between 1-15 pence.

As well as earning money by reviewing, you can also earn a ‘tip’ for every ten reviews you do.

  • Tips can be used to back a band you think are really good, and if they then get through to the next stage you get a free backstage pass for the band.
  • This gives you their album for free, or you can choose to buy the contracts it entitles you to in order to make money from their album sales later on.


how much money can you make by listening to music?

Woman with headphones listening to music on laptop

The money you make per review also depends on the particular scout room you’re reviewing in.

Slicethepie has more than 10,000 reviews every day and so to keep up with demand, they set the fee-per-track according to how many reviews of each track they allow.

  • So if there are loads of people wanting to review, the amount of reviews each track can receive is increased and each reviewer earns less.
  • This works out well for the bands who get more feedback, but not so well for the scouts who get paid less.
  • Sometimes, though, it works the other way and you will be invited to a scout room where high-priority tracks will be played for a higher rate of payment than usual.
  • You can also make extra money by recommending a friend. If someone else signs up with the code in your Refer a Friend area, you get 10% of their entire review earnings for the next year. For example, if your three friends each earn £10 in a week, you’ll get an extra £3 without doing anything – again, you can see how this will mount up.

Imagine you earn 15p per song you listen to. This means that if songs are an average of three minutes and you therefore listen to ten in half an hour, you’re looking at £3 an hour earnings. This doesn’t sound much, but it’s a great thing to do whilst you’re doing something else, like eating or watching TV, so long as you can concentrate enough to do decent reviews.

To sign up to Slicethepie, click here.


other music reviewing sites You can try…

Young man lying on floor listening to music on laptop

Some other sites you might like too:


What’s good about this is that you can choose the music genres you want to listen to, rather than getting a mix of anything and everything, (although this means that sometimes there won’t be much for you to review).

Whatever you write on here will be going to the artists, producers and record labels – so your opinions will be shaping the future of music.

Earn 3 points for every piece of music you listen to; once you reach 500 points you can enter raffles for $50-$100 iTunes gift cards, or free DVDs and CDs at 1,250 points. There are also loads of contests to enter and other prizes to be won daily.

Hit it at this link.

Music xray

For this site, as well as picking preferred genres, you can also tell Music Xray your favourite artists so the site can use fancy software to pick music as similar as possible to what you love. This means that sometimes there will be lots of songs, and sometimes there will be none, depending on what the artists are uploading.

Music Xray helps connect potential success stories to the record labels and producers, as well as set up fan bases for when the artists start solidifying their position in the music industry.

You’ll be paid a few cents to listen to 30 seconds of a song, and can withdraw the money from a PayPal account similarly to the way Slicethepie manages it.

Get jamming at this link here.

This music research station pays you to help it decide what tunes to play on local radio stations.

Since it is an invite-only site, the only way to join the reviewing panel is to give your email address to one of their telephone interviewers if they call you about taking a radio survey over the phone. Invitations for surveys are then sent to your email account and you rate short music clips to be rewarded with fairly substantial Amazon gift cards.

Have a look at this link here.


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I’ve been paid with slice the pie twice. It’s a lot faster paying than most sites and you can get to the minimum payout very quickly. You can measure how close you are and actually see what you need to cash out. Some good spending money. However you rating can drop. I’m going from five star to two stars. Maybe its because I do so many. Never the less it’s money I can see coming. Very impressed so far.


I tried signing up to SliceThePie, the page kept doing its fancy scroll transition, but nothing happened.


Not worth the stress,you are required to listen to the music which is fun but then they expect you to write a lengthy review which i dont mind but the thing is after writing 10-20 reviews you kinda run out of stuff to say and if you put in key words that u have used before the system flags your review as redundant without telling you which key words it doesnt like, which means u have to restructure or re-word the whole thing all over again, would be ok if they just needed about 10-20 word review,but i think they… Read more »


It’s not worth it, trust me. You are required to listen to a song, rate it, and write a very lengthy review, only to be paid 10-20 cents for it. And the worst part about it is that sometimes for no reason at all, they lock your account. Now I contacted them about my locked account and they told me that it would only be “temporarily” locked. Its been two months and I still cannot access it. Just save yourself the trouble.

Rodrigo Domanico
Rodrigo Domanico

i live here in the Philippines, is it possible for me to join?


I’ve been getting 11 cents USD per song, I don’t understand why everyone else is getting so little?


not really worth it unless you want to do it for fun. ive written over 20 reviews and only up to 20 cents, usd. logged on this morning, first review went fine, second review the screen froze on processing and my computer froze up. didnt get credit for the review.


it isn’t worth it at all!!!! I spent 1 hour writing some good reviews and I’ve got 25 cents……that’s 10p in the uk???……OMG……ridiculous!!


quite good, give it a try : )


I have really made money from this

Drazen VengefulSpirit Cosic

STP is the best site i ever seen! But i have forbidden access since 2 years ago : LOL Something like they have some problems with my country?! I hope they’ll fix it soon.

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