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Make money as a professional cheese tester

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The best bit of any fancy meal out is the cheese.

I think that’s an undisputed fact.

But the problem comes when, three courses down, you’re so full that you can’t even stomach a mouthful of cheddar or a crumb of cracker.

Stuffing Stilton into your socks or Bishops’ Stinky Feet down your blouse is never a good idea and it always takes at least three sittings to do a proper cheese board justice.

So what is the answer? How can you make time to give the cheese board the attention it really deserves?

Turn it into your full time job.


You’ve got to brie kidding me!

What kind of qualities will be needed for this cheese roll?

Perks of the job

What’s the catch?


You’ve got to brie kidding me!

Baby wearing mouse hat holding cheese

It sounds like a hoax but it is 100% true that Manchester based delivery experience company, Sorted, have just announced their campaign to find an assistant to their in-house Director of Cheese.

This exciting new job opening has arisen after one of the company’s employee reward initiatives got so popular that it got a little out of hand.

Cheesy Tuesday is run by the current Director of Cheese and is a regular highlight of Sorted’s social calendar in which staff come together to sample cheeses and choose their favorite.

Once hired, the lucky assistant will help out with the coordination of these monthly events and will be tracking down other cheeses from around the world to add to the company’s selection.

They will also play an important part in the organisation of Sorted’s cheeseboard event at Retail Week Tech at the end of this year, curating and compiling the cheese selection to be offered by investing some serious time in testing.


What kind of qualities will be needed for this cheese roll?

Man holding cheeses

Since launching from the kitchen table of founder David Grimes’ parents, 8 years later, Sorted now have a team of over 100 employees based in Albert Square, Manchester.

Describing their ideal candidates, the company writes “we’re always looking for inventive, determined, like-minded problem-solvers to join us and help create magic. Only the extraordinary need apply.”

One specific requirement, however, is that the successful candidate “will have an in-depth knowledge of both domestic and foreign cheese and will understand how to balance flavours for varying tastes and pallets.”

Candidates will also have to demonstrate their understandings of the difference between a chutney and a jam and whether the cheese in question should be paired with grapes or with tomatoes.

Sound a little bit too technical for you?

Don’t be put off. There is still plenty of time to get mixing and matching; after all, the fun is in the experimentation!


Perks of the job

Cheese board with wine

Sound too gouda to be true?
Well, it’s not and it keeps getting better!
As well as being entitled to the firm’s standard benefits which include 40 days holiday and a 5% pension contribution, Sorted also promise their Assistant Director of Cheese unlimited cheese.
Unlimited. Cheese.

What’s the catch?

Woman eating brie cheese
OK… so there maybe one thing that I’m not telling you.
Unfortunately the position of Assistant Director of Cheese is not a stand alone job but one that is meant to compliment an existing techy position at the firm.
Other vacancies at Sorted include:

They might not sound as dramatic and dashing as Assistant Director of Cheese but they do mean you can combine your skills set set with you gastronomical passions.

Do Sorted still tickle your fondue-fancy?

Then click here to apply and secure yourself a full time job and a life times supply of cheese!

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