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Make money as a professional cheese tester

Grace Etheredge 20th Feb 2020 2 Comments

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Hands up who loves cheese? We do too. But did you know there are people out there who are paid to test the quality of it?

It could be something you can do too if you’re particularly partial to a cheese board.

You could even turn it into your full time job.


You’ve got to brie kidding me!

You can earn money from your love of cheese - no experience required

It sounds like a hoax, but it is 100% true that Manchester based delivery experience company, Sorted, actually have a position with the title Director of Cheese.

Cheesy Tuesday is something Sorted run every week and is hosted by their Director of Cheese. It’s a regular highlight of the company’s social calendar, in which staff come together to sample cheeses and choose their favourites.

The company often recruits new members of staff with titles also include the assistant to the Director of Cheese among others.

These lucky people set often help out with the coordination of these monthly events. But they are also tasked with tracking down new cheeses from around the world to add to the company’s selection.


What kind of qualities will be needed for These cheese rolls?

Top qualities for a cheese tester

Since launching, founder David Grimes now has a team of over 100 employees at the company’s head office in Manchester.

Describing their ideal employees, the company says “we’re always looking for inventive, determined, like-minded problem-solvers to join us and help create magic. Only the extraordinary need apply.”

One specific requirement, however, is that the employees “have an in-depth knowledge of both domestic and foreign cheese and will understand how to balance flavours for varying tastes and pallets.”

As well as cheese, staff also have to demonstrate their understandings of the difference between a chutney and a jam. As well as whether certain cheeses should be paired with grapes or tomatoes.


Perks of the job

Perks of being a cheese tester

Sound too gouda to be true? Well, it’s not and it gets better!
As well as being entitled to the firm’s standard benefits which include 40 days holiday and a 5% pension contribution, Sorted also promise their cheese related team members an unlimited supply of cheese!

What’s the catch?

Downsides to being a cheese taster
The company offer fresh vacancies periodically so check their website here to see what’s on offer!

The jobs on offer (if any by the time you look) may not sound as fun as Director of Cheese, but they do mean you can combine your skill set with you any cheesy desires you may have!

Do Sorted still tickle your fondue-fancy? You may also be able to earn some decent cheddar.

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3 years ago

There are some unexpected jobs out there and this is one of them.

5 years ago

That would be a dream job for me!

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