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Make money buying alcohol

Kelly 28th Apr 2016 No Comments

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Calling all freshers! We’ve found a perfect way to get some of your booze paid for, while making extra money on top.

If you’re 18 or 19 and look pretty young for your age, you could get paid to buy alcohol by Serve Legal. This firm is dedicated to checking whether staff in pubs and shops ask for ID when selling age-restricted goods.

It’s a flexible job and you can take on as many or as few hours as you like, and you get to explore your local area at the same time. Could this be the dream student job?


How can I make money buying alcohol?

Make money buying alcoholIf pubs, restaurants and off-licences are caught selling alcohol to underage customers they will face a huge penalty. This is why businesses go to Serve Legal. They facilitate undercover ‘visitors’ to go into businesses to be served.

It’s just like mystery shopping with one key difference. You’re ensuring that the person serving you is obeying the law and checking your ID.

You will buy an age-restricted product from a supermarket, bar, pub or club in the UK and Ireland. These jobs pay £20-50 (with bonuses if the visit is urgent).

Serve Legal has active social media accounts, posting up helpful videos and tips on Facebook and Twitter – so you can make the most of the role and earn as much as possible.


What skills do I need?

Serve Legal need dedicated young people. You will be called on when needed and may need to carry out the work in a detailed and focused manner. You will need to pick up on any specifics they need to know about your experience. Finally, to make the most of this opportunity you will be self-motivated.

If you reckon you have the right go-getting attitude, and are flexible enough to take on assignments around your studies, you could be earning money buying alcohol in no time.


What do I get?

  • Serve Legal has great pay rates. In total, 9,000 visits carried out every month, so there will be plenty of chances for you to earn.Make money buying alcohol
  • Work experience. Mystery visiting for Serve Legal is a great thing to put on your CV, as you’ll be improving key skills. These include communication, flexibility, being observant, and taking initiative. Also, showing you held a job alongside your studies will  impress employers once you graduate.
  • This kind of work easily fits in around your studies or other jobs. As such, you can carry out assignments when it suits you, whether you’re in sixth-form, at university or employed. There’s also no need to take on more than you can handle.
  • Recognition of achievement, and chances to progress. It’s always lovely to have your hard work appreciated and Serve Legal run a ‘Visitor of the Month’ and ‘Visitor of the Year’ prize. Their ‘Hall of Fame’ features the best mystery visitors, who impressed by taking on loads of assignments, having a fantastic eye for detail and demonstrating high levels of commitment. As with many young people’s part-time roles, you could rise within the ranks and potentially secure a job. For example, one of their Hall of Famers is now an Area Manager within the company.


How do I sign up?

Make money buying alcoholIt couldn’t be easier to join their team!

Just head to their registration page and create an account. First, make sure you’ve got a recent clear photo of yourself, and scanned copies of your passport and photo ID.

You have to be 18 or 19 to join, but you can apply two months in advance of your 18th birthday, so you can start visiting pubs as soon as you’re a legal drinker! And once you’ve started working and are bringing back the lovely libations, get your friends and flatmates together for a night in bonding with drinking games

It’s a flexible, interesting job with decent pay and you walk away with free alcohol – sound good? Apply ASAP to start earning.

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