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Make money by selling your hair

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Did you know your hair has value? You can actually make money selling your hair!

We all remember the scene in Little Women when Jo sells her hair because the family needs to make money. While they all cry together over her lost locks, they’re all consoled by the much needed hard cash it’s got them.

But this is not just the stuff of fiction. Scientists have decoded DNA and cloned sheep, but still can’t cure baldness! As a result wigs, hair extensions, and hair pieces have never been so popular. If you’re willing to get a snip, you can make a pretty penny from those luscious tresses.



Start Growing and Grooming


Woman brushing her hair
Before thinking about selling your hair you’ll first have to start growing and grooming.  Most companies will want hair that has absolutely no chemical treatments so your hair can’t be coloured, permed, highlighted or tinted. You’ll also need plenty of it – at least six inches.

Hair must be clean, healthy and shiny. Cigarette smoke or traces of drugs taken will linger in your hair long after it’s washed.

Remember wig makers are hair experts, if they detect damaged hair they’ll toss it, and you’ll be sporting a crop without getting any cash.

Unusual natural hair colours are in for a treat, as they command the highest prices. The healthier your hair is, the more you can get for it.

Before you chop of your lovely locks make sure to contact a wig seller and find out how much selling your hair type will earn you. This way, you can see whether it’s really worth chopping it all off.


Some tips for keeping your locks healthy:

Hairdresser trimming long hair


  • Regular trims will keep broken and split ends away (trimming every six to eight weeks is best, but remember not too much!)
  • Remember healthy body = healthy hair.  Make sure to get your calcium and protein for strong hair
  • Wash out all product from your hair at night, there are loads of chemicals in them that dry out your hair
  • Give up your hair dryers, curling irons or flattening irons, hairspray and other styling products now! These dry hair out and cause hair breakage and split ends
  • Instead of blow drying, towel dry
  • Braid your hair overnight and in the morning you’ll have lovely waves without any of the damage curling irons will cause
  • Though you might be tempted, don’t brush your hair more than twice daily and use a high quality vent brush when you do
  • Oils like rosemary oil, cedar wood oil, juniper berry oil, and lavender oil will help lock-in your hair’s moisture. At night apply the oil, braid your hair and you’ll be moisturising your hair. This way it won’t be breaking while you sleep
  • Go au natural – Beer and egg whites make excellent hair conditioners.

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Start Marketing

cut off ponytails

Market your new product online. Firstly, we recommend you try, a classified ad site for buyers and sellers of human hair worldwide. To advertise is quite cheap, only $14.50 for three months, and all transactions are managed through PayPal. They take no commission on completed sales and everything you make will be yours, so it is worth trying out.

Otherwise, hop on Gumtree and you’ll find lots of ads from wigmakers willing to pay your asking price for your hair.  If you’re going to post an ad on advertising your hair you’ll need to include:

  • Clear, accurate pictures (mostly of length)
  • Include a description of hair length, colour, quality, ethnic type of hair
  • Contact details.

Keep it simple; there are already wigmakers advertising for hair on Gumtree, so you don’t need to waste too much time on writing your own ones. Responding to ads can be just as effective.

Remember – wigmakers aren’t the only ones looking for hair.  Market yourself in places that others haven’t yet thought of like hairstylists who work with extensions. Hair colleges will also need human hair supplies and even high quality paint brushes are made with human hair.

Look up your local hair colleges, and hair salons.  Make some calls and find out what they’re willing to pay for your hair. Remember that your advert details apply here too.  People want to know the condition, length, colour, quality, and ethnic type of your hair.  It may take some time to research but the pay off could be big.


Making The Cut

Woman cutting her ponytail off

If you’re ready to take the plunge and chop those locks its important to remember that hair-buyers are very specific about how your hair should be cut.

Here’s advice from

“If you are interested in selling your hair to us, there are two ways to proceed. You are more than welcome to go to your local hairdresser and tell them you are going to sell your hair and that you need a ponytail/ponytails cut off. It can be one ponytail at the back or various ponytails positioned around the scalp to get maximum length from the hair. We emphasise that the hair MUST BE EXTREMELY TIGHTLY SECURED IN A PONYTAIL/PONYTAILS as we need the hair to be root to tip perfect. We cannot accept loose hair. Please do not plait your ponytail(s), as we will need to assess them in their natural condition. You then send the hair to us by post.

Just place the hair in a plastic bag with your name, address, telephone number, email address and the full name of who you would like us to pay the cheque to (We can also pay by PAYPAL for international payments).”


Selling your hair – How much can you expect to make?

Excited girls holding big hand fulls of money
Selling your hair can be very lucrative. Bloomsbury Wigs will pay up to £200 for your hair.  They’ll even cut it off on the spot for you.  Before you picture some mad scientist coming at you with clippers – they just cut off your ponytail.

The main hair buyer in the UK, Banbury Postiche (Wigs UK), pays up to £7 per 25 grams of hair. The longer your hair, the better the price!

Get on Gumtree where several wigmakers are looking to buy hair and are open to negotiations.  Some are even willing to buy children’s hair, so you can even score some cash from your kids’ locks too.


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I got this site from my friend who shared with me regarding this website and now this time I am browsing this web page and reading very informative posts here. Thanks

Shivani D
Shivani D

Hiiii …..i am from india . I got a haircut recently so, i want to sell my 15 inches silky straight black hairs. The hair quality is silky ,thick,straight and virgin hair. I always take care of my hairs so,hair is well nourished and healthy . The weight of my hair is 135 grams.
If anyone is intrested in buying my hairs or want to see the hair photo , plz mail me on .


hi i like to buy u r hair if u can send me a picture of the hair and price pls thanks


i have more than 20 inches long and 3 inches thick virgin black hair (asian) if anyone is interested in buying it please do email me. i live in the philippines


Sry it’s


Wats is the price you are quoting for 45inches longhair , kindly reply me to my email ID –

Sirlene Thomas
Sirlene Thomas



I am intrestef to purchase
U r from


hello my name is Alexander I’m fromUkraine. I collect Slavic hair, I deliver goods (Hair) to england. who is interested here is my data +380954512938 вхатсАпп.


I am looking for thick over 30 inches long hair to buy


How much long ur hair

Kristina Carvey

Hi there hair lovers etc. I have got very healthy, long and strong beautiful and as good as virgin hair too. It is really thick and shiny. I am a Caucasian female with golden light brown hair and I am looking for a buyer to buy my hair ASAP because I am in desperate need of a new hairstyle now and it would be a shame to let it go to waste. I am open to any reasonable or sensible offers. Enquire by email at and I will get back to you. Krissy

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