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Make money by selling your hair

30 July 2020
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Did you know your hair has value? You can actually make money selling your hair! But how do I sell my hair today?

Well, we all remember the scene in Little Women when Jo sells her hair because the family needs to make money. While they all cry together over her lost locks, they’re all consoled by the much needed hard cash it’s got them.

But this is not just the stuff of fiction. Scientists have decoded DNA and cloned sheep, but still can’t cure baldness! As a result wigs, hair extensions, and hair pieces have never been so popular. If you’re willing to get a snip, you can make a pretty penny from those luscious tresses.

Sell my hair for a wig: Start Growing and Grooming

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Before thinking about selling your hair you’ll first have to start growing and grooming. Most companies will want hair that has absolutely no chemical treatments so your hair can’t be coloured, permed, highlighted or tinted. You’ll also need plenty of it – at least six inches.

Hair must be clean, healthy and shiny. Cigarette smoke or traces of drugs taken will linger in your hair long after it’s washed.

Remember if you’re thinking: can I sell my hair to a wig company? That actual wig makers are hair experts, so if they detect damaged hair they’ll toss it, and you’ll be sporting a crop without getting any cash.

Unusual natural hair colours are in for a treat, as they command the highest prices. The healthier your hair is, the more you can get for it.

Before you chop of your lovely locks make sure to contact a wig seller and find out how much selling your hair type will earn you. This way, you can see whether it’s really worth chopping it all off.

Sell my hair UK: Some tips for keeping your locks healthy

Hairdresser trimming long hair

  • Regular trims will keep broken and split ends away (trimming every six to eight weeks is best, but remember not too much!)
  • Remember healthy body = healthy hair. Make sure to get your calcium and protein for strong hair
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