Make money selling your body

23 August 2020
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Did you know that you can make good money selling your body?

…no we don’t mean like that!

The law is strict in prohibiting the sale of body parts but there are plenty of legal, decent ways you can sell your body (or parts of it, at least!) that can make you a bit of extra cash.

From your hair to your eggs to your likeness to a celebrity, you can make money from your body.

In fact, if you take part in clinical trials, you can make up to £5,040 for one trial using just your body, so there’s big money to be made.

Consider which of the below listed ways of making money by selling your body you think you’d be able to do and, if you feel comfortable and safe of course, go ahead and do it!

Sell your hair

Make money selling your body

Science may have decoded DNA, cloned sheep and put man on the moon, but it still hasn’t cured baldness.

Wigs, hair extensions and hair pieces are always in demand so if you’re willing to give your hair a snip you could make a pretty penny from your luscious tresses.

Hair Harvest will pay up to £200 for your hair, and they’ll even cut your hair off right then on the spot. WigsUK pay by the ounce, and offer between £3-£5 depending on how long your hair is.

If you’re planning on selling your hair however, it is important to start preparing.

  • Most companies will want hair that has had no chemical treatment, so your hair can’t be coloured, permed, highlighted or tinted.
  • Your hair will need to be clean, healthy and shiny, usually at least six inches, and remember that cigarettes or traces of drugs that you have taken will linger in your hair long after you have washed it.

To keep your hair healthy have regular trims to keep away split ends, give up your hair dryers, curling irons and flattening irons as these dry out your hair, and go au natural – beer, avocado and egg whites make excellent hair conditioners.

If your hair is an unusual colour then you should expect to receive more money for it. It’s best to ask a wig maker how much your hair is worth before you chop it all off, so you don’t make any decisions you end up regretting.

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