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Make money by selling your used tights online

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Whether you hate them or love them, there comes a point in your life where you have no choice but to wear a pair of tights.

Perhaps you’re an air hostess or a nurse and have to wear them every day. Or maybe you’ve been invited to a posh event where bare legs are frowned upon. Whatever the case may be, we’ve got something kind of weird to tell you:

Those worn pantyhose? Someone will pay really good money for them on the internet.

So, if you’re finding yourself being a little cash-strapped, here’s how you can make money from selling your used tights online.


Who are these people buying used tights?

Black tights/pantyhose

Remember our story about how you could make money by selling your old toilet rolls to all sorts of keen crafters on eBay?

Well, this is not like that at all.

Rather than looking for a slightly pungent addition to their crafting supplies, the people who scour the internet for worn tights are typically trying to satisfy a fetish.

Pretty weird, but hey! Who are we to judge?


Where to sell

Woman in tights with feet up on her desk

While you may think selling your dirty delicates can only be done in the darkest and dingiest corners of the internet, the truth is it’s a pretty common online industry.

Here are a few of the places you can make some money from your used tights.


With more than 500 posts currently under the category of ‘used tights’, it’s safe to say that eBay is probably the most popular spot for the lucrative disposal of these items. Especially among cabin crew members.

They seem to go for anything between £1 and £25, depending on the fabric and condition.

It’s worth noting that eBay does have very strict rules for these sorts of items, so have a thorough read before posting yours.


If you’re looking for a slightly less flooded market, Craigslist is the way to go. They currently only have 11 posts for ‘used tights’ priced between £12 and £30.


Before used tights made it into the relatively mainstream market, however, the only place fetishists could find their fix was on a number of dedicated Sub-Reddits.

Many of these still exist, so if you wanted to target the die-hard original fans of used tights, this would probably be the place to go.

Just take note that these pages are restricted to over 18s.

Create your own shop

The best way to go about this is probably to set up a website to sell your salacious wares or even a dedicated Instagram account.


How much can you make?

Woman holding fan of dollars cash

With the average price on eBay being about £12 for a pair of used tights, you’re probably not going to make a killing. However, if you really are desperate for cash and have a few pairs of well-worn tights lying around, it’s probably worth a try.


Case study: Flight attendants

Flight attendants legs in pantyhose

As mentioned earlier, fetishists seem to be particularly keen on the used tights of flight attendants.

A couple of years ago The Sun conducted an interview with a cabin crew member using the pseudonym Juice Pusher, who sold her used tights (and shoes) on a website called All Things Worn and Beautiful for £25 each.

While Juice Pusher’s site no longer exists, eBay is littered with ‘cabin crew tights‘.

The site has cracked down on the sale of fetish items, however, which means that sellers often have to revert to carefully-coded messages that their clientele will understand instantly.

In fact, most have a little disclaimer, saying: “Will be washed as per eBay requirements” – which we may as well accept with a little wink and a nudge.

Interestingly, almost every listing refers to some defect, such as “may have some snags” or “may be laddered.”

So, basically, the takeaway here is, that unlike other second-hand items you might want to sell, the more used your used tights are, the better for most of the keen buyers out there.



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Quite weird, but hey if someone’s prepared to pay for them!

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