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Amazing! Make Money when shopping for your favourite brands

What – make money from Quidco, a money-saving website?

Yes, you can get cashback on all sorts of purchases, start by getting £10 cashback as a thank you from us!


Advantages of using QUido

Quidco has been around for a few years now – it started in 2005 – and it has spent that time building up it’s offerings to consumers.

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A few stats for you:

  • Quidco has 4300+ retailers
  • It offers bills comparison so that you can save money on your daily shopping
  • The Quidco app gives you cashback on the high street
  • Quidco users make around £280 in cashback every year
  • It has over 6M members and growing


How you can make money through cashback

Every time you shop at any of Quidco’s 4,300 partner retailers they receive a commission for generating that sale.

As a reward for using their service, they pass this commission back to you, in the form of “cashback”. Simples.

So it’s really just a case of making sure that when you shop, you do it using Quido or do it in high street stores that have an agreement with Quidco.

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The big thing to remember, of course, is that it’s not work shopping just for the sake of getting the cashback! Derr…you know that obviously but I just thought I should say it anyway.

Also, don’t let the cashback tail wag the savings dog! In other words, if you’re looking to buy, say, home insurance, make sure that you go on a comparison site first to find the cheapest and best deal and then go onto Quidco to see if you can get cashback with it. That way you will have the genuinely cheapest of all cheap deals because you will have the best value one PLUS cashback.


What’s on offer through quidco?

They offer cashback on everything from supermarket essentials to family holidays, up-to-the-minute fashion, high-tech gadgets, TV and broadband subscriptions and everyday services like gas, energy and insurance.

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They work with pretty much every brand you’ve heard of including Marks and Spencer, B&Q, Tesco, Amazon, Debenhams, Expedia, Boots, Argos, BT, the Body Shop, ASOS, Waterstones, Sky and thousands more…

You could be earning hundreds and even thousands of pounds a year just by shopping.


How does it work?

It’s very straightforward to use:

  1. First check Quidco for the retailers you want to buy from or search for a specific product or service – there are so many offers to choose from!
  2. When you want to redeem an offer, just click through to the retailer’s website via our link and make your purchase.
  3. Our clever system then tracks your visit and once the retailer has confirmed a sale, we pass you the cashback.


Vlogger Kiera Rose Says IT’s great check for yourself

If you’d like to see how much you could make just from buying cool clothes, see what vlogger Kiera Rose says in this video…


make money when you shop in-store

You can also earn cashback when you buy in-store on the High Street. So you could be just shopping on a Saturday and, if you have registered your debit and credit cards with Quidco, when you use them to pay at the till they automatically track any cashback you’re owed. Amazing.

Woman handing her credit card to a cashier in a clothing shop

After going out shopping for the day you could find you’ve made/saved a tenner by the time you get home.

They have over 40 retailers offering cashback in-store including big names like Debenhams, Halfords, Moss Bros, O2, Cineworld, T.M Lewin, H. Samuel and the Body Shop.


get cashback at the supermarket

They have a new feature called ClickSnap which has dozens of offers every week that help you earn cashback on a broad range of everyday grocery essentials at all the major supermarkets.

Quidco ClickSnap Cashback App Graphic

All Quidco members can use ClickSnap to make purchases at their preferred supermarket both online and, using their app, in-store.


make money from Quidco surveys

Quidco Opinions is their way of rewarding you for your feedback about products and services.

Simply register for an account, complete a personal profile detailing your likes, interests and the products that interest you and they will then match you to relevant marketing and research surveys.

Business man completing online surveys on a laptop

Your answers help businesses to make better decisions and in return they give you cash rewards for your time and attention.

Right now you can get £10 cashback when you spend £10! Sign up now.


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