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Make Money from your Old Phones TODAY

Vicky Parry 4th Jul 2022 No Comments

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Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by giffgaff

We are all a bit short of cash at the moment. Some massively more than others. So being able to get a few quid from things around the house is more important that ever. However, knowing if a place is legitimate, whether you are getting a good deal and where to start often paralyses us into a state of inertia about such things.

We sit down with giffgaff, the phone network that also buy your old phone here to talk us through how easy it can be and how to make some big money pretty fast.

Some Prices to Start us off

We start off our chat with giffgaff by asking them about some classic handsets and are pleasantly surprised by some of their answers.

Q. Which phone – model and year – has the highest value for recycling at the moment? 

A. The phone with the highest value currently is the iPhone 13 Pro Max 512GB – for £667.64.

Q. What has been the most valuable phone to recycle in the past? 

A. We recycled the iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB for £790 in April 2021. 

Q. What’s the highest value model that someone has recycled? 

A. In the past, we’ve recycled the iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB for £790 (April 2021). 

Q. How much for a three year old iPhone 6?

Apple iPhone 6 128GB: £10 

Apple iPhone 6 Plus 128GB: £37.27 

Apple iPhone 6S Plus 128GB: £40 

Q. How much for an old Nokia from the 90s? 

A. If your phone is a bit too old or damaged to have a resale value, like an old Nokia, you can recycle it with our friends at Recycle Your Electricals. They’ll help you find your nearest recycling point – while that won’t get you any cash, you’ll be helping to create something new. 

 What you need in order to sell

Q. Do you buy broken handsets? 

A. We accept faulty phones, but their condition will affect the trade in value. All you need to do is answer four simple questions about the condition of the phone to get an estimated quote. Once we’ve assessed and tested your phone, we’ll email you if the quote has changed – which usually only happens if the condition of your phone doesn’t match the condition we originally provided a quote for. If you’re not happy with the revised quote, you can ask for the phone to be returned free of charge. 

Q. Do you take in handsets that are missing cables? 

A. Yes – the handset is the most important bit, so no need to worry about cables.  

Q. Are there any phones that you simply can’t take? 

A. We accept all major models of phones, so there aren’t any that we wouldn’t be willing to help you recycle. 

Q. Can you swap a phone? 

A. We don’t provide upgrades or trade-ins, but you can get on average £108.77 per handset* you recycle, which can go towards a new device. If you opt for a refurbished device, you’ll be helping to reduce your environmental impact too – our members have helped save 19 million kg of CO2e (the equivalent of around 24,000 flights from London to New York City) by opting for refurbished phones. 

A Bit About GiffGaff 

Q. How is giffgaff run by its community? 

A. Our community – which spreads across the UK – existed before we sold a single SIM, so they are invested in our brand. Not only do they provide online help to others and are rewarded for it too, but their role transcends into our marketing, tech, and how we run things too, with members featuring in our ads, our social content, and even on our voicemail – while also having a say in how we do things. By listening to our members and incorporating their ideas, we are representing their experiences at every level. 

Q. What is the social ethos?  

A. Our social ethos is our purpose. We believe there are better ways to do business that consider the impact on people, and planet, as much as profit.  

Q.How does being community-run work?  

A. Run by You puts our members at the heart of everything we do. Their voices and opinions are heard, and they help shape our business, as well as spreading the word about giffgaff to others. Our members help each other with problems on our community page, help us develop and test our products, and even play a big part in our advertising campaigns. The idea is that if we all work together, we can really go places.  

Q. What’s giffgaff’s mission? 

A. giffgaff was founded in 2009 with a singular mission: to find a better way to do mobile. It still informs everything we do today as a business, delivered in a way that’s mutual, fair, and simple for all. We’re made up of people who believe in a collaborative way to run a business. In fact, “giffgaff” is an old Scottish word for mutual giving, and that pretty much sums us up. 


Sell your phone to giffgaff here. 



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