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Make money by referring a friend

There’s no better publicity than word of mouth. Companies know this and so they’re willing to stump up a load of cash to give you the incentive to refer their products and services to your friends – it’s called referring a friend. You can take advantage of £100s of cash rewards available by getting your friends to sign up for things you think are good – or even things you don’t like so much.

The Moneymagpie team is here to take you through the best ‘refer-a-friend’ deals and we’ve found some extra ones today to make you even more money.


Get great deals at

Our top tip is to head to, an online matching service where ‘referrers’ and ‘friends’ are matched up to get referral bonuses from companies like Sky, Virgin and Direct Line. There are loads of rewards to be had in all sorts of areas:

  • Broadband – rewards from BE, IDNet and Plusnet
  • Food – rewards from Ocado
  • Health and beauty – rewards from Harpers Fitness, Red Door Spas and
  • Insurance – rewards from Halifax, Standard Life, Simply Health, Columbus Direct, Direct Line, and Tesco Insurance
  • Holidays – rewards from and Expedia
  • Mobile phones – rewards from 3 Mobile
  • TV – rewards from Sky and Virgin Media
  • Cashback sites – rewards from, well, pretty much all of them


We’ve tried this out here at Moneymagpie and our verdict is a resounding thumbs up! Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Register

You need to register at before you can start referring ‘friends’ for deals, or they can start referring you. This only takes a minute and it’s free (the cost of the site is covered by advertising). You’ll be sent an e-mail asking you to confirm your e-mail address. When this is done, you’re ready to go.

Step 2: Get referring

If you click on ‘Deals’ on the homepage you can search for companies you’re already signed up to. For example, if you’re a Sky member, go to ‘TV’, click on the Sky deal (£75 M&S, John Lewis, Boots or Tesco voucher when you refer a friend) and select ‘I want to refer someone for this offer’. Then submit your confirmation. You are now registered as a ‘referrer’ and will send you an e-mail when they find a match for you.

With some companies you can refer as many friends as you like – think of all the cash you could make!

If your company offers a ‘refer-a-friend’ deal but it is not listed on, you can tell them about it by clicking on ‘Submit a company or new offer’ under the appropriate category. As a reward you’ll be the first to be notified about new friends for this deal.

Step 3: Clinch the deal

For security purposes all communication from third parties is sent via a new e-mail address that sets up for you. Never disclose personal information to individual referrers, especially not your bank details. Generally all you need is the name of the friend or referrer and their e-mail address when applying for these deals; all other information goes through the company itself.

If, having registered as a ‘referrer’, you are matched up with a ‘friend’ then the ball is in your court to secure the deal through the company. For example if you want to refer someone to sign up to Sky, go to the Sky ‘introduce a friend’ page and fill in the online application form. If the ‘friend’ joins up, £75 in vouchers should be on its way!

Step 4: Be a friend

Most of the companies on the website offer a cash reward for the ‘friend’ as well. If you’re thinking of switching your current account or your broadband providers for example, then it might be worth switching to a company that does referral deals. In some cases (for example with the gym and spa memberships) you can try out the new company before you switch.

If you do decide to join any company after being referred, will give you priority for your own future referrals for that company.

Golden Rules

Moneymagpie’s golden rule – 

1. Don’t sign up to anything just so you can get the friend deal and then realise you can’t afford the monthly bills. Playing the ‘refer-a-friend’ game is pointless if you end up with a product that a) you can’t afford, b) you don’t actually want or c) isn’t right for you.

2. If you’re already thinking of switching, the deals listed on could be for you. 

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Breakdown assistance

RAC – £25 M&S gift card reward

Are you an RAC customer? Recommend a friend here, and get a £25 Marks & Spencer gift card for every friend that joins up (they’ll get one too).


Plusnet – Receive a discount off your monthly bill  

Plusnet has consistently low prices for its broadband and they even cut your bills further if you refer your friends. You’ll get a discount off your monthly bill for every person that joins them on your recommendation, for as long as they are a customer. There’s no limit to the number of people that you can recommend – so you could get your broadband for free.


Ocado – up to 20 vouchers

A goodie!  Invite a friend to Ocado and you’ll receive up to 20 vouchers by e-mail when your recommended friends join and receives their third Ocado delivery. A minimum spend may be required to use the ‘Invite A Friend’ voucher, so make sure you wait until you need a big shop. You can recommend up to 20 friends.

To get your vouchers visit the Ocado ‘invite a friend’ page and fill in the form.

Health and Beauty

Local gyms often offer ‘refer-a-friend’ deals so do ask a member of staff or check their website.

Harpers Fitness – free gift

Harpers Fitness members can choose from a wide range of great free gifts from the Harpers Reward Range when referring a friend who joins the gym.  If they join you’ll be sent a voucher with a unique code which you can redeem.

Red Door Spas – 20% off

Red Door Spas members receive a 20% savings reward for each new guest who visits a Red Door Spa on their referral. Just create or log in to a My Red Door account and enter the details of your friends on the refer-a-friend form. Your friends will receive an e-mail inviting them to visit Red Door, along with a ‘Welcome Savings’ coupon for 20% off their first visit.

Yogamatters – £5 online voucher

Yoga bunnies get £5 to spend online at when they refer a friend who spends over £20 in one order. You have to log in to your account and fill in a form. When your friend joins and spends £20 you’ll be e-mailed a thank you voucher containing a special code. You can enter the code at the online checkout and £5 will be deducted from your invoice.

Groupon – Get £6 every time you refer a friend

groupon_4cEach day Groupon offers amazing deals on great things to do, see and eat in cities across the UK. It’s based on ‘group buying power’ – because it can guarantee businesses a minimum number of customers, it can secure amazing discounts for all kinds of things – from restaurants to football match tickets.

Previous deals in London have included £25 for top-price tickets worth £60 to see West End musical Blood Brothers, and £1 to watch films at any Cineworld.

Once you’ve signed up – it’s completely free – you can recommend as many friends as you like, and if any of them go on to sign up, you’ll get £6 for each one who does. Just click the button at the top right-hand corner that says ‘Earn £6 now!’ The money will be credited to your account so you can use it towards your next purchase on the site.

To check out the site and sign up, visit Groupon here.


Simplyhealth  £40 Love2Shop voucher & 2 months free

If you have health insurance with Simplyhealth you could bag a £40 Love2shop voucher when you refer a friend and they join and they will get 2 months free. Complete the Simplyhealth form online.

Tesco Insurance – free gift cards and clubcard points

dogTesco offers ‘refer-a-friend’ deals on Tesco Travel Insurance and Tesco Pet Insurance. Tell a friend about Tesco Travel Insurance and Tesco will say thank you with a £5 Tesco Gift Card or 500 Clubcard Points when your friend takes out an annual Tesco Travel Insurance policy. The friend will also receive their choice of £5 Gift Card or 500 points. To claim the rewards download a PDF copy of the Recommend a Friend form, print it out, fill in your own details, then give the form to your friend who can fill in their details and send it off. You can recommend as many people as you like, so there’s no limit to how many points or gift cards you can claim!

The Tesco Pet Insurance referral deal is even better – simply get a friend to take out a pet insurance policy with Tesco and they’ll reward you both with a £10 Tesco Gift Card or 1,000 Clubcard Points. Download the PDF application form and fill in as above. Again, you can recommend as many people as you’d like.

Mobile phones

3 Mobile – share up to £90 with a friend

kecanduan-ponsel-rusak-hubungan-3393-mobilephonRecommend a friend to 3 Mobile and as a thank you they’ll credit each of your accounts. If your friend goes for a phone you both get £30. If they go for Mobile Broadband you both get £15. If they choose both, that’s £45 each.

You can recommend a maximum of three friends – if they all go for the combined package, that’s £135 for you.

Just enter your details and 3 will send you an e-mail. Forward this to your mate and if they sign up you’ll both get credited in 60 days’ time. The referred friend must quote your mobile number at the time of ordering.

Mobile credits are only available if the new customer signs up to an 18-month minimum term contract. Broadband credits are available with the Pay Monthly Mobile Broadband price plan on an 18- or 24-month minimum term contract.


Sky – get £100 vouchers each

Get £100 vouchers each when you introduce a friend to Sky TV. Once your friend has joined and paid their first monthly subscription, you’ll both receive your vouchers.

Virgin media  £50 credit per friend

Just as with Sky, if you refer a friend to Virgin Media cable services, both you and the friend get a bonus. In Virgin’s case this is £50 off your bill and free installation for your friend. Just give your friend’s name and e-mail address by clicking on ‘Connect your friends now!’ Once the friend has paid their first bill Virgin will credit the referrer’s accounts with £50. You can connect as many friends as you like.

foreign exchange (forex)

Do you know a friend or relative that needs help making an international money transfer? Or do you know someone who’s moving overseas and hasn’t sorted out their finances yet?

Well… if you refer them to The FX Firm and they trade within 90 days of opening an account, they’ll send you both an Love2Shop voucher to say thanks. The vouchers can be used at over 130 leading retailers so happy spending!

If the Referred transacts more than £2,500 within 90 days of opening an account via The FX Firm then the Referrer and the Referred will both be sent a Love 2 Shop voucher for the advertised value.

A Referrer may refer any number of friends/family members. The offer is only open to Referrers 18 years of age or over.


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Might be worth adding to Insurance, if you have Health Insurance with Western Provident Association (WPA) and you recommend a friend they will give you £50 off your current premium, as a cheque or give it to the charity of your choice, check out:


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