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Make Money Selling Your Personal Data

17 March 2020
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Ever considered selling your personal data to companies like Microsoft, Twitter, Google, Pinterest and Facebook? Such companies already follow every swipe of your mouse, collecting information to sell to advertisers and marketers so they can better target you.

You might as well get paid!

Here’s how you can take advantage of a practice that’s already going on:

What is ‘selling your data’?

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Have you ever been browsing Facebook, only to then be distracted by an advert to something you’re interested in?

These are called ‘targeted ads’, which are directed specifically towards you as an individual.

Tracking companies use sneaky technology like cookies to follow:

  • The sites you visit
  • What you look at there
  • What you buy
  • And sometimes even what you post to social media

The data brokers might then sell this information to other corporations, or they might use it themselves to help them choose which ads to show you next.

So all these businesses are making money selling your personal data, making billions from this fountain of information, but most of us will never see a penny of it.

But is there a way we can?

How do you make money selling your personal data?

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The data brokers want to know everything they can about you that is digitally accessible, including your:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • What you buy, where and when
  • Social media posts
  • And sometimes some extra, like education or employment history

the internet is not free

A few sites have now set up to help redress that balance and give you a cut of the profit.

One of them is called DataWallet and the idea behind the site is that:

  1. Personal data should be under the control of the individual.
  2. The person deserves to make money selling their personal data
  3. You only sell what you want to sell.

The advantage of these data-pooling sites for data brokers is that they unlock much richer, more detailed information. This is willingly volunteered by the participants, for a small payment, of course.

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