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Make up to £45 an hour by cleaning in the nude

Nadia Krige 10th Mar 2020 3 Comments

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Ever wished you could exchange your current job for something you can do completely starkers? Well, if you’re not one for late nights and pole dancing, we have an enticing solution for you: cleaning in the nude.

Yes, that’s right! People are actually paying good money to hire naked cleaners to dust, scrub, sweep and polish their homes.

Don’t believe us? Read on…


Cleaning in the nude – a growing trend?

It doesn’t take much more than a quick Google Search to find that cleaning in the nude seems to be gaining professional traction in the UK.

While you’ll find a bunch of dodgy ads on the likes of Craigslist and Gumtree, there’s actually a growing number of companies offering these services at premium prices.

Sure, it may seem somewhat perverse to anyone who prefers the comfort of being fully clothed at all times. But, in most cases, it’s really just a case of preference.

In short, some people just prefer being naked and feel more comfortable in the company of other like-minded souls. These people typically refer to themselves as naturists. They purely enjoy the freedom of being naked rather than seeing it through any sort of sexualised prism.

This subculture has grown in popularity over the past few decades – especially since the 1960s. More and more naturist resorts, cruises and beaches have popped up here, there and everywhere. While this is all great, many naturists feel it’s unfair that they can’t live out their chosen lifestyle more publicly, beyond holidays and recreation.

Hence the rise of everyday naturist-friendly services, such as cleaning.

Naturist Cleaners, for instance, is the UK’s most prominent nude cleaning service and offers two different packages to suit different needs:

  • Naturist cleaning with a nude cleaner. “Exceptional, friendly and professional nude cleaners who are completely at ease being nude, and well versed on creating a spotless home that sparkles”, the website reads.
  • Fully clothed cleaning while the client can be naked. “Skilled domestic cleaning with a welcoming, approachable and diligent expert cleaner in a professional work uniform. Whilst our cleaner undertakes her duties, you may remain nude if you wish – which our cleaners are completely comfortable with.”


How to become a nude cleaner

Let’s just be frank for a moment here – there’s certainly an inherent risk involved in becoming a nude cleaner. You never know when a seemingly harmless naturist client may actually turn out to be a filthy-minded chancer.

That’s why we highly recommend joining an agency, such as Naturist Cleaners or Nude Maid Cleaning rather than trying to sell your services yourself.

Not only is it much safer, but it’ll also save you loads of admin! Instead of having to do it yourself, the agency will set up all your appointments, contracts and arrange for payment.

That’s all good and well, you might say. But what are their expectations or requirements when it comes to my body?

This varies from company to company.

Naturist Cleaners, for instance, clearly states that they’re looking “for flexible, responsible cleaners no matter your age or figure.” From the images on the site, it also seems that both men and women are welcome to apply.

Nude Maid Cleaning, on the other hand, states specifically that they only take female cleaners “no matter your age, shape or size.”

While you may think “they’re just saying that”, it seems as though there’s a general preference among current clients for older women with fuller figures.

Nude woman


How safe is cleaning in the nude really?

In an interview with Birmingham Mail, owner of Naturist Cleaners, Laura Smith, explained that they go the extra mile to keep their cleaners safe.

On top of a “no touching” policy, the company is also currently implementing a procedure to carry out identity and address checks where all clients will have to submit both proofs of address and identity.

Cleaners on duty are also required to contact the head office at regular intervals throughout the day to ensure their safety. They’re also entitled to leave at any point should they feel uncomfortable.


What you can expect to make by cleaning in the nude

Unsurprisingly, there’s a premium on getting a naked person to clean your home.

Naturist Cleaners charge clients £45 per hour, with an additional booking fee of £30. According to most reports, the cleaners get the full £45 per hour.

Nude Maid Cleaning charge clients £65 for the first hour and then £55 for every hour thereafter.

Just to put this into perspective: cleaners in the UK earn an average wage of £7.27 per hour.

So, if you’re comfortable in your skin and don’t mind showing off your butt naked booty, you can certainly do well earning something extra by cleaning in the nude!

We love hearing about strange and unusual jobs. Have you read our article about making money as a mermaid? If you have other ideas or experiences, please share in the comments below.

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5 years ago

Not bad money I suppose, but it’s not a career option for me!

3 years ago
Reply to  Joanne

I’d give it a go

5 years ago

What is the difference between this and soft porn?

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