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New “Pay the bills” Series to Empower Readers

Vicky Parry 24th Feb 2022 2 Comments

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We are excited to announce that we are putting our money where out mouth is and launching our Pay The Bills series. In this series, we will share tips every single day on how you can access fast cash and empower you to not feel so defeated by the financial trials and tribulations of the last couple of years – plus all the recent discouraging money news.

The financial fear of the last few years really has made an impact on people and, while so many media outlets are reporting on this, journalist Jasmine Birtles has made it her life’s mission to actively try to help these people. By providing valuable advice to other news sources, she is also offering her years of financial experience to help support others on her own site here at MoneyMagpie.

Empower to support

Jasmine states that she “started MoneyMagpie in order to make money fun, accessible and, where possible, funny for my readers, so that normal people who aren’t maths geniuses and don’t carry an Excel spreadsheet around with them all the time can understand it.”

Therefore, in keeping with the company ethos, we have wanted to help people more than ever. Vicky Parry (content editor at MoneyMagpie) says over the last month they have seen “an influx of people asking for advice and help, some people genuinely terrified of losing their homes and who are constantly asking for tips and ways to access money.”

What MoneyMagpie are offering.

As a direct response to this understandable fear, MoneyMagpie are going to share one tip a day (sometimes more) in a bid to support people and show them how they can access money quickly or gradually.

Jasmine adds, “Money can be really boring and really frightening but it doesn’t have to be either. I am always striving to help people put money in its place: that is where it can support our way of life and no more. It’s not something we should be running after or fearfully looking over our shoulder to see if it’s going to catch up with us. It should be something that we use, not something that uses us.

“I wanted to take the limits of money – to show people (as I have learned) that money is elastic: there’s always a way to get more of it and always a way to use less of it while having the same standard of living.

“So MoneyMagpie shows you how to save money day-to-day but it also shows you how to make extra and how to get loads of things for free. It also shows you the easy way to invest so that the money you have now can grow and grow while you sleep to give you a great income later on. It’s your complete guide to getting on top of your money and having a genuinely richer life.”

We hope this was a fun read and has helped to at least begin putting the current financial climate into perspective. Keep checking in for future tips, tricks and updates.

To access these tips daily don’t forget to subscribe to our newsfeed here. 

Also follow the hastag #paythebills on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

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2 years ago

Great to read this.

2 years ago

Why is it when you click on the link to subscribe the newsfeed you are taken to a Google News link which then links you back to this page? How do I subscribe to this newsfeed? I already get your newsletter, thanks!

Jasmine Birtles

Your money-making expert. Financial journalist, TV and radio personality.

Jasmine Birtles

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