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New ways to make more money

Liz Hughes 15th Mar 2017 2 Comments

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The idea of wanting to make a little extra cash to make the month go a bit more smoothly is not a new one, but there are plenty of ways to do so today that are fun. Even if you want to go old school, there are many innovative and exciting ways to get your name out, so that people know about you and what you have to offer.

Making money from social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, or from writing online blogs, has been the most obvious Internet-only way of generating income over the past few years. But there are plenty of other ways to earn a few more greenbacks, and they usually have online and offline counterparts.


Make Making Money Fit Your Lifestyle

When you’re thinking about what to do, you should try to combine ideas and come up with something better, find new applications for old products or services, find problems to solve and challenge assumptions. This could involve a vacuum cleaner and the need for bug control leading to a motion-activated bug vacuuming device, or developing a bike that is pedalled with arms rather than legs.

You also need to decide how to access your target market or get funding for your idea. If you invent something, you could develop a prototype and then approach a crowd-funding platform, speak to potential investors, try to get a loan from a bank or borrow money from friends. For everything else you might want to try, there are usually websites that can assist you or more local physical options in your area. Social network groups, where you advertise on a digital platform but within a closed group, are somewhere between these two and can also be really useful.


Upsell, Upscale and Recycle

If you have clothes, CDs, movies, phones, electronic equipment furniture or anything else that you no longer want, you can usually sell it at a local market, or advertise it online on various websites. If you’re creative and skilled with your hands, you can even repurpose things such as old books into beautiful boxes, and then sell those.

Any valuable vintage pieces that you find in your attic or inherit from a relative who was a collector can also be sold locally or online – you could even put an advertisement in the paper if you suddenly came into a large haul. If you’re a good baker, you might want to get into creative cakes for special occasions, and again you could advertise locally, such as on the supermarket’s noticeboard, as well as online.


Selling Select Services

New ways to make more moneyAlmost any skill that you have can be turned into a way for you to make money, so think outside the box! Students who take good notes can sell them to their lazier classmates, and those still living at home can offer their services as a house sitter.

Anyone with time on their hands during the day can become a neighbourhood dog walker, or participate in local focus groups to give feedback on new products. It’s also possible to make money completing surveys, both offline and online. If you are particularly good at organising events you could offer to do parties for every occasion, weddings, or even community events. You could even complete the requirements to be able to officiate weddings where you live, and if you are skilled with calligraphy you could make the invitations to the same event! Photography is another profitable side business, as long as you have experience with editing programmes and understand basic photographic principles.


The Sky’s the Limit

Modern living is challenging, but there are also opportunities everywhere. If you can keep thinking creatively about new ways to make money, new ways will keep presenting themselves to you. Put in the work that fits in with your lifestyle and reap the rewards!


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5 years ago

Some good tips for making money.

wayne lensert
wayne lensert
7 years ago

did not find good home business.

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