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Strip naked and win £5,000!

Isobel Lawrance 5th Apr 2022 One Comment

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This may be one of the most daring television shows to grace our screens in years. Brought to you by popular TV channel E4, ‘Naked, Alone and Racing to Get Home’ is the audacious new show in which two pairs of contestants bare all for the chance to win £5,000!

Applications are now open, and E4 are looking for a brave duo to sign up. But what is the premise of the show?

Well, on paper it seems easy. Two pairs of contestants are pitted against each other and must battle it out for the chance to win the grand prize. The pairs race against each other to make it home, competing in a 3-day race in some of Britain’s toughest terrain.

If you love the outdoors, this may be for you! But there’s a catch. You’ll have to survive the wilderness with no gadgets, no money and…no clothes. The teams will have to battle the elements and forage their own food. They will also have to use their resourcefulness to build their own shelter to sleep in, and source their own materials to keep warm in the chilly countryside.

The race to the finish line won’t be simple. Only the fastest and most courageous team will claim the cash prize, after overcoming a series of survival challenges.

Think you have what it takes? You must be over 18 years of age to apply, and if you are applying with a specific person, must complete two individual application forms. You can apply here. The closing date for applications is 11:59pm on 27th May 2022.

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2 years ago

The article is a really nice and also a challenging one also, which I believe once put into play it’s going to go viral.

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