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Mar 22

Sweet Deal: Get Paid to Eat Vegan Sweets

Reading Time: 2 mins

If indulging in gelatine-free nostalgia goodness is your favourite pastime, then prepare yourself as we’ve got the sweetest deal you’ve ever seen.

Pick & Mix London is on the lookout for 3 official vegan sweet tasters to rate the very best vegan pick & mix around. Do you have a sweet tooth? Looking to earn some extra cash? This may well be the perfect job for you.

Co-founder, George Edwards, commented, “Our vegan sweet category has seen a 350% growth in sales since last September and after noticing that searches for “vegan pick and mix” have increased by 185% in the last 12 months, we decided that it was important for us to put even more focus on the quality of our vegan offering.”

Pick & Mix London need your help to make sure they continue to deliver high-quality, tasty vegan sweets.

What’s on Offer?

Pick & Mix London sweet selection

Well, it’s not a full-time position, so we wouldn’t recommend quitting your day job. But if you can tell your fizzy cola bottles from your dummies, you’re probably on to a winner. If you’re passionate about being vegan and can dedicate the time to writing thoughtful and constructive reviews of their sweets then they want to hear from you!

How does it work?

If you’re selected as a official vegan sweet taster, Pick & Mix London will send you a free vegan pick & mix bundle worth £40, and give you an extra £50 in return for your review efforts. You can expect all sorts of sweets from love hearts to flying saucers, to bon bons. All delivered straight to your door! What’s not to like?

Is this the job for me?

Co-founder George Edwards has said he is after someone who has a passion for vegan treats. It also bodes well if the candidate loves a stay-in movie night or similar style evening. Pick & Mix London is keen to build upon the experience of vegan treats and would love tasters to give thought to this within their reviews.

How do I Apply?

Applications are open from now until 30th April! Apply directly on Pick & Mix London‘s website here. Simply complete an quick 8-question survey and let Pick & Mix London know what makes you the perfect sweet taster!

Due to a record-breaking half a million Brits signed up to Veganuary at the start of this year, a high number of applicants is anticipated. Only those who have made the interview stage will hear back from Pick & Mix London.

Apply now to become an official vegan sweet taster!



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5 months ago

nice article

9 months ago

I have applied……nice articale

9 months ago

I’ve applied – thanks for finding this article!

9 months ago

Nice article

Christina Livesey
Christina Livesey
10 months ago

I have applied! This is an amazing opportunity. Thank you for finding it.

10 months ago

Would be a great job!

10 months ago

Sounds like a great opportunity.

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