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Top 8 video-sharing sites: get paid to post your clips online

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Making money from posting videos is a fun, exciting way to earn some cash on the side by getting paid to post your clips. Best of all, anyone can do it! Here are our top five video-sharing sites. Some focus on niche subjects while others are similar to photo stock libraries for all media. Read on and discover the right video-sharing site for you… then start uploading!


How to get the best out of online media sharing

It’s good to have a basic knowledge of how to upload media (i.e. get your clips on the website) before you begin, but don’t worry too much because every site has its own ‘how to’ section or video tutorials. They also all have guidelines and requirements about copyright and file compatibility.

Remember to be patient; it may take a few months to get to grips with the sites or to earn any money, as many of them pay out depending on how many people have viewed your videos.

Like anything on the internet, it’s always good to be cautious. Don’t post anything illegal, stick to the rules and regulations on each site and use a separate email address to keep spam and advertising out of your regular inbox.


Best for getting your footage out there – YouTube

Top 5 video-sharing sites: get paid to post your clips onlineOwned by Google, YouTube is the most popular and accessible of all the video-sharing sites. YouTube videos can be embedded on nearly all sites that many people view in their everyday lives which means your videos can be seen worldwide – on websites, blogs, Facebook and so on.

Many bloggers use YouTube to post reviews and daily video diaries. Aspiring musicians use it as a platform to reach a global audience and others just use YouTube to post funny short clips or how to tutorials. Take a look at out article about how to make money from YouTube here.

The best thing about YouTube is that you don’t have to join to watch, but if you’re serious about making money by sharing videos you can join here and start uploading straight away.

YouTube success stories include singer Justin Bieber, make-up artist PixieWoo and of course the popularity of Gangnam style.


Best for professionals – Vimeo

Top 5 video-sharing sites: get paid to post your clips onlineVimeo caters mainly to professional video makers. Vimeo is the place for serious filmmakers to share their creations with other filmmaking and video-sharing enthusiasts.

Most often potential filmmakers use Vimeo to showcase short films, animations and/or other original content. The site is relatively easy to navigate around and the featured content is produced to a high standard and is filmed in the best quality. The site also links with many social media sites and allows you to create a free account that provides 500MB of upload space a week.


Best for inspiring other travellers – Zoom and Go

zoomandgo-logoZoom and Go is about sharing your travel experiences; not the type of geeky pictures of you in a sombrero in Mexico, but the pictures, videos and reviews that would be of help to a traveller. This can include breaking news stories about events happening that would help a traveller make a decision on whether to visit or not.

You are paid in redeemable points for any pictures, videos and hotel reviews that are accepted to the site. A hundred points equals $1, so you’re unlikely to come out with big bucks. Videos are worth 30 points; pictures are worth 10 points; reviews on destinations/attractions are worth two points; quick hotel reviews are worth five points and detailed hotel reviews 10 points. You can also earn points when hotels are added to the site with your review (10 points) and you get 20 points for every night a hotel room is booked through your upload on the site. You can then redeem your points for cash or prizes.

They have also introduced a charity scheme whereby they hope to raise $1000 for each of their seven charitable partners. For every video, picture or review you get shared on the site, Zoom and Go puts money into your zoomer account, and you are then free to choose which of the seven charities you would like to donate to.


Best for short, original clips – Metacafe

Top 5 video-sharing sites: get paid to post your clips onlineAttracting 25 million unique viewers a month, Metacafe is about entertaining large audiences with videos that amaze, inspire and amuse. You won’t get just any old clips on this site, they’re good quality and it’s easy to find interesting clips to watch and enjoy.

There are no full-length TV episodes or movies chopped into pieces. Copyright is strict and your video must be suitable for a mainstream audience. The average video is 90 seconds long, and the audience drives the content. More than 80,000 volunteers take a first look at each of the thousands of videos submitted to the site every day. The videos are then ranked and the most popular ones exposed to the community. The best original work, determined by the viewers, is rewarded.

You can submit files with any of these file extensions: 3gp, flv, mp4, mov, qt, asf, avi, divx, mpa, mpe, mpeg, mpg, m1v, mkv, wmf and wmv.


Best for lazy money-making – Flixya

Top 5 video-sharing sites: get paid to post your clips onlineFlixya uses Google AdSense to enable users to share videos, photos and blogs, and then keep all the revenue they earn from it. You upload or share your videos from other video-sharing sites and earn from AdSense. Although Flixya is not profiting from each individual item you upload, you’re still only getting a portion of what the advertiser pays (and of course Google takes a chunk of that).

It is best to add quality content to see the best results. Flixya only supports jpg, gif and png for photos.

Many people have said you start seeing results within a month or two from active use of Google AdSense. Flixya seems to be one of those sites you can passively add to and earn from but it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort, so long as you can manage AdSense.


Best for talented up and comers –

Top 5 video-sharing sites: get paid to post your clips has over 30 million users and a community of over 2000 independent producers making original series for the web. The series are picked by the sites editors, so if you fancy yourself as a talented video producer then it is well worth checking out. generously offers 50% of its revenue generated from advertisements to users who upload videos and pays, in dollars, monthly. To do this you must have a PayPal account and you have to earn $25 by the close of the month. If you have not earned $25 then the amount will be rolled over to the next month.


Best for funny money-makers –

Top 5 video-sharing sites: get paid to post your clips, aimed primarily at men between the ages of 15-35, is a popular website that allows you to upload original and funny videos, pictures and web games that other men will be able to appreciate. It prides itself on being a community of like minded people who know what each other want to see. offers reasonable earning potential, again in dollars, for your videos, pictures and games. If your original video makes it on to their homepage you can sell it to them for $400 or licence it to them for $200. The amount they will pay to buy your video will increase with each subsequent video of yours that ends up on their homepage, up to the sum of $2000! Again, you must have a PayPal account to receive the money. You can also earn smaller amounts if your video or picture ends up on one of their feature pages.


Best for bloggers and website owners – Daily Motion

moneymagpie_dailymotion-logoDaily Motion is a video-sharing site much like YouTube. It gets more than 190 million viewers per month and has a wide range of varied content.

The site offers you the chance to earn 70% of the ad revenue from videos you have uploaded. Better still, you can earn more by sharing your Daily Motion video on your own website or blog, and even more if the video is shared on a third party website. This makes it great for those who already have a high number of visitors to their own site. However, you must make sure you follow their instructions carefully and ensure you share it via the Daily Motion player, otherwise you won’t make a thing!

Which video-sharing website do you most often visit and why? Have you made money from posting clips online? Let us know in the comments section below.



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Very Good article . Its very useful to me.


They dont really pay a lot under 50 pounds do all that but do they really pay out. Which video website pays the most for uploading a video whether get 80, 000 views or not answers to this email address please reply thank you?


Hi ..Great list
There are many other sites also that I came across while searching for top video shraing sites to earn money . These include and Myspace .


Great list, I bookmarked it.

I wanna do a unique video channel soon so I’ll probably upload them to revver or metacafe. Hopefully I can upload to Youtube also.


Apart from video sharing, there is a bunch of CPV video platforms, here is a good review:


Really good comment there Buzz – like the article you refer to!

Rob VH
Rob VH

I visited Metacafe recently and found that all references to “Producers” seem to be gone. A Producer was Metacafe’s term for original video contributors who can earn money from views. I get the impression that Metacafe has stopped paying.

jonathan shaw
jonathan shaw

hi. very helpful. already registerered with revver. thanks.

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