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Family-Friendly Villa Communities in Sharjah for UK Expats

Moneymagpie Team 30th Apr 2024 No Comments

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Sharjah is known as a family-friendly emirate within the UAE, offering a strong sense of community, rich cultural offerings, and a lower cost of living compared to Dubai. For families relocating from the UK, Sharjah provides an excellent environment to transition to Emirati life while maintaining a sense of familiarity. 

The many villa communities in Sharjah offer distinct advantages for raising a family, including increased privacy, safety, amenities, and outdoor spaces. With tailored floor plans and family-oriented facilities, these communities allow children room to play and parents to find support systems.

For UK expats in particular, Sharjah provides quality British and IB curriculum schools, areas populated by other expatriate families, and a more conservative atmosphere compared to Dubai. While adjusting to a new culture and climate is always challenging, Sharjah’s family focus makes the process smoother.

Why Choose Sharjah Over Dubai?

While both emirates offer a luxurious lifestyle, choosing between Sharjah and Dubai boils down to priorities. Here’s a data-driven comparison to help you decide:

Cost of Living

According to Bayut, renting a 3-bedroom villa in Sharjah starts at around GBP 7600 annually, significantly lower than Dubai’s starting rentals of around GBP 15,210 annually. Similar savings extend to groceries and utilities.


With several schools teaching the UK curriculum, Sharjah has a well-developed educational system. This makes sure that children of UK expats have a smooth transition and may go on with their education.

Family Activities

Family-friendly activities such as parks, waterfronts, and museums are abundant in Sharjah. Families may discover a more culturally rich and laid-back atmosphere in Sharjah, even if it lacks the amusement parks and opulent nightlife of Dubai.

Sharjah’s focus on Islamic principles must be acknowledged. Despite the emirate’s reputation for tolerance and friendliness, certain laws, like those prohibiting alcohol, may not be appropriate for every family. Families looking for a more conventional lifestyle, however, may find Sharjah’s emphasis on cultural history and strong community to be quite alluring.

Top Family-Friendly Villa Communities in Sharjah

Here’s a breakdown of popular areas based on Sharjah villa listings on Bayut.com:

Nasma Residence (Al Tai)

Nasma Residence, which opened its doors in 2017, provides upscale townhouses and villas with cutting-edge architecture. It has easy access to recreational areas like Sharjah Desert Park, educational institutions, and cultural attractions like the Sharjah Classic Cars Museum. 

Here’s a rental cost breakdown:

  • 3-Bedroom Villa: Around GBP 20,650  annually
  • 4-Bedroom Villa: Around GBP 30,640 annually
  • 5-Bedroom Villa: Around GBP 31,080 annually

Al Zahia (Muwaileh)

This well-planned neighbourhood has swimming pools, gardens, and parks. Families looking for an opulent retreat will love the villas’ lavish finishes, roomy rooms, and private gardens. Because of Al Zahia’s close proximity to University City, access to high-quality education is made simple. Additionally, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road provides a great connection. 

Rental costs are as follows:

  • 3-Bedroom Villa: Around GBP 29,120 annually
  • 4-Bedroom Villa: Around GBP 39,330 annually
  • 5-Bedroom Villa: Around GBP 54,320 annually

Shaghrafa 1 (Al Rahmaniya)

Situated in the well-known Al Rahmaniya neighbourhood, Shaghrafa 1 provides tranquil living conditions and convenient access to Sharjah’s downtown. Villas include three to five bedrooms and other conveniences like a maid’s room. There are plenty of Mowasalat buses accessible for public transit. 

Rental costs are:

  • 3-Bedroom Villa: Around GBP 27,380 annually
  • 4-Bedroom Villa: Around GBP 28,030 annually
  • 5-Bedroom Villa: Around GBP 32,590 annually

Sarab Community (Aljada)

The Sarab Community, developed by Arada Developments, provides a sanctuary for those looking for a quiet lifestyle. Every house is encircled by lush grounds that provide a sense of being in one with nature. Living close to prestigious schools and sites like Sharjah National Park is advantageous for locals.  

Here’s a look at rental costs:

  • 3-Bedroom Villa: Around GBP 32,590 annually
  • 4-Bedroom Villa: Around GBP 48,890 annually

The above prices are from Bayut, a leading property portal. Each area mentioned above offers unique family benefits: Nasma Residence (Al Tai) provides modern design, schools, and entertainment. Al Zahia (Muwaileh) boasts parks, pools, and proximity to universities. Shaghrafa 1 (Al Rahmaniya) offers peace near the city with public transport access. Sarab Community (Aljada) features nature, schools, and easy access to landmarks. Choose the one that best suits your needs or you can explore more options from Bayut.

Essential Considerations for UK Expats

Visa Requirements

Foreign nationals from the UK who want to move to Sharjah must get the necessary visa. The primary choice is a residence visa sponsored by an employer. Before deciding to migrate, it’s crucial to learn about the criteria and application procedure for visas.

Cultural Norms

Respecting local traditions and clothing regulations can guarantee a seamless adjustment, even if Sharjah has a more conservative culture than Dubai. This entails refraining from showing love in public, dressing modestly, and using alcohol in moderation. Avoiding faux pas may be facilitated by knowledge of Islamic customs, such as Ramadan. 

Employment Opportunities

It is best to get employment before moving to Sharjah, however, there are also jobs available for competent foreigners in fields including business services, engineering, healthcare, and education. Authenticating every piece of relevant documents is essential. In contrast to the UK, expect a more conventional work culture.


With many foreign physicians, Sharjah has modern clinics and hospitals. Nonetheless, there are significant differences between the NHS and the UAE healthcare systems. Find out if your UK supplier has partnerships in the UAE. Insurance for the area is required. It’s a good idea to choose a general practitioner you click with.


For families relocating from the UK looking for a lively and fulfilling relocation experience in the Middle East, Sharjah offers a strong choice. Sharjah’s villa communities provide an affordable, family-friendly, and culturally rich environment in which to raise your kids. We advise carrying out more research in light of your unique requirements and preferences. Get in touch with real estate brokers who specialise in these neighbourhoods to locate the ideal family villa and start your fulfilling journey in Sharjah.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are some important things to know about renting in Sharjah?

A1. Renters in Sharjah need to be aware of occupancy restrictions (e.g., no more than three persons in a studio), bachelor zones (for financially constrained bachelors, these are specific districts like Al Sajja), laws regarding rent increases (three years at first, then every two years), and early termination charges. Review your contract and get more information by visiting Sharjah Municipality or calling 06-593-1525.

Q2. How does the cost of living in Sharjah compare to the UK?

A2. In general, Sharjah is less expensive to live in than the UK, especially when it comes to housing, food, and utilities. However, Sharjah may charge extra for some imported items and entertainment alternatives.

Q3. What is the process of renting a villa in Sharjah?

A3. Searching for a rental villa requires using portals such as Bayut to find properties, set up appointments for inspections, haggle over the rent, and sign a lease. Get security deposits and postdated check payments by registering your lease agreement with Sharjah Municipality. For an easy approach, look into respectable real estate companies.

Disclaimer: MoneyMagpie is not a licensed financial advisor and therefore information found here including opinions, commentary, suggestions or strategies are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only. This should not be considered as financial advice. Anyone thinking of investing should conduct their own due diligence.

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