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Love to Rent Week: Is there a Secure Way to Rent?  

Vicky Parry 25th Sep 2023 2 Comments

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This post is sponsored by Love To Rent

The market is awash with so many negative stories about the current rental market. However, one company is fighting that stigma and is about to have their very own “Love to Rent” week, highlighting all the benefits that come with build to rent schemes around the UK.  

During the Love to Rent week, people will learn more about this sector, whether it is the wide choice of pet-friendly developments, the exceptional shared amenities from co-working spaces, gyms, lounges, rooftop gardens or games rooms, and the general sense of belonging that is fostered throughout each development. 


How build to rent is changing the rental market  

Last year a friend of mine who was heavily pregnant had the horror of her landlord giving her and her family only a month to move out. This was all above board in the contract, but with very little on the market in their catchment area, the stress this caused was horrific. With demand for rental houses through the roof, it is suggested that for every property to let, there are 13 renters trying to secure it. My friend ended up having to move into a temporary accommodation and her son missed out on the same school placement as their oldest child. The pressure on their family was huge.   

A survey carried out recently by the campaign group Generation Rent found that 21 percent of tenants in England had been drawn into bidding wars for rental properties and 22 percent had to provide a CV or photo to secure a tenancy. 


Built to Rent

Imagine living in a world where this wasn’t an issue. A rental property which could not only offer incredible perks but also was specifically built for the rental market – meaning no landlords selling up and turfing you out? 

Build to Rent is a solution that many people are now choosing. Through Build to Rent, people are experiencing a new way of living, with community, exceptional facilities and excellent customer service at the heart of its ethos. One customer said, “it is the security of ownership, with all the perks and services expected in renting.” 

Build to Rent has gained popularity as it addresses the changing housing needs and preferences of many individuals, particularly those who value the convenience, amenities and flexibility offered by the sector.  


What can Build to Rent offer that is different?  

Love to Rent

“Build to Rent is a lifestyle choice for many and offers a stylish, convenient and flexible living option with a huge number of benefits,” explains Love to Rent Founder, Anne-Marie Brown. “Community is an essential aspect of Build to Rent developments, which are designed with a focus on creating vibrant and connected places to live.”  

 Build to rent customer Sophie (pictured) said:

“It’s absolutely amazing living here and the customer experience is outstanding. Nothing is too much trouble and when we moved in, they helped us with all our boxes and gave us access to the guest parking, so we didn’t have to walk so far. We’ve really enjoyed the events that the team have put on, both virtual and now starting with face to face events, so we can get to know our neighbours. One evening I missed the wine tasting event, so they left me a bottle of wine at our door with a lovely note. Nothing is too much trouble.

“Having a 24 hour concierge and security also give us real peace of mind and as we are both so busy with work and study, if we get something delivered, we know it is looked after securely for us and not just left on our doorstep.

“I would definitely recommend the build to rent lifestyle for anyone looking for a new home. Living somewhere like this means you can really become part of the community and meet other people, which you wouldn’t necessarily get if you lived in a private rental property.

Built to High Standard


Built to high standards with modern amenities and features that cater to the needs of their customers, Build to Rent offers predictable costs, professional management, focus on customer satisfaction, modern design and technology, flexible tenancies and a strong community focus.  

Educating people to understand more what Build to Rent can offer them is the mission of Love to Rent, a platform that was established exclusively to market build to rent homes and to raise awareness of the sector and the very real differences that it offers compared to the private rental market. 


Love to Rent Week  

Love to Rent

In support of this, the third Love to Rent week has been announced, following the increasing interest in Build to Rent. The week will be taking place on 25th-29th September with the aim to raise customer awareness about the many benefits of Build to Rent. This includes understanding that Build to Rent is managed by professional landlords, meaning that difficulties and challenges are mostly avoided. 

There are a whole host of practical benefits such as flexible tenancies, professional property management and maintenance, security that the homes are built for renters, so no worry that the landlord will be giving you a months notice as they are selling, and predictable rents. The wide choice of availability across the UK enables everyone from young professionals through to families and downsizers the chance to experience the advantages.  

Regardless of the state of the private rental market, for many people, renting through Build to Rent is a lifestyle choice, thanks to the huge array of amenities and additional extras that the sector offers.  


A social and flexible option

If you are fed up with low quality housing and rental instability, we urge you to check out this company.  

“The developments are designed to encourage interaction, with shared spaces both inside and out to foster a sense of belonging and provide a chance for tenants to get to know their neighbours,” adds Anne-Marie. “This creates a much more positive experience for customers and when this is combined with all the practical elements that Build to Rent offers, it is no surprise that interest in the sector is growing.” 

Love to Rent week will feature news articles, blogs, social content and case studies detailing real life customer experiences. From people that rent with pets through to downsizers that want to travel and not worry about their home while they are away, there are a wide range of interesting stories about the Build to Rent sector.   


About Love to Rent  

Love to Rent is the first and leading digital marketing platform and lettings service exclusively for Build to Rent. Their offering ranges from finding the perfect customer to full management, providing a quality service focused on customer experience. www.lovetorent.co.uk 


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8 months ago

This sounds really intriguing – I am so exhausted from being fleeced by landlords.

7 months ago
Reply to  Farmers

Please visit www.lovetorent.co.uk and have the confidence that all homes marketed are professionally managed and have been built specifically for renters, so make it your home and feel secure.

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