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Top 7 US dollar currency accounts

Kamal Khurana 24th Jul 2020 No Comments

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Looking for a US dollar currency account but not sure which one to choose? Fear not – we’ve compiled a list of the top seven dollar currency accounts, so you can pick the one that’s most convenient for you.


Who should have a US dollar currency account?

The US dollar is the currency used in the United States and if you travel there often, transfer money frequently, plan to move to the US or receive an income from a US employer, it can be useful, and cheaper, to have a dollar currency account (commonly referred to as foreign currency accounts and multi-currency accounts as well). It’s simple to open an account and money can then be transfered with ease. Once you open your account, managing your foreign currency will become quick and easy, but first you must decide which one to choose.


Low charges – Citibank

Top 7 US dollar currency accounts_Citibank

Foreign Currency Account

  • Pay no transaction fee for purchases overseas in the currency of your linked account
  • Fee-free cash withdrawals overseas in the currency of your linked account, from a Citibank ATM
  • Global access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • No foreign exchange costs when receiving money in the same currency as the account


Multiple currencies – NatWest

Top 7 US dollar currency accounts_Natwest

NatWest Business Currency Current Account

  • Currency choice – available in a range of major currencies
  • Cheque book available for dollars and most other currencies
  • Transfer money electronically
  • Make payments worldwide
  • Overdraft facilities (subject to agreement, in all major currencies)
  • Clear charges – there are standard transaction charges
  • Because this is a capital account, no minimum balance is required


Multiple currencies – Barclays

Top 7 US dollar currency accounts_Barclays

Barclays Foreign Currency Accounts

  • Open an account in Euros, US dollars and 10 other currencies including the Japanese yen the Swiss Franc
  • Conduct business in a foreign currency as easy as in pound sterling
  • Settle transactions in dollars on the same day
  • Write cheques in your account’s currency
  • You’ll need a sterling current account to open this account
  • Free Transfers between Barclays accounts
  • You won’t have to pay a cash handling fee when you pay into or withdraw from your account (order cash before 1pm for delivery the next working day)


No minimum balance – HSBC

Top 7 US dollar currency accounts_HSBC

HSBC Currency Account

  • No monthly fee for the account
  • No payment will apply when sending money to another HSBC account
  • Manage your foreign currency quickly and conveniently
  • No minimum balance
  • 24-hour automated service
  • Choose from a range of currencies
  • During market hours, the exchange rates are updated by the second
  • Available in 14 major currencies including US Dollars, Euros and Chinese Renminbi


For Lloyds customers only

Top 7 US dollar currency accounts_Lloyds

Lloyds – Premier International Account

  • No monthly fee
  • Choice of 3 currencies
  • Fee Free international transfers – send and receive money internationally for nothing
  • 24/7 worldwide access to your money
  • Account holders only
  • Recipient and corresponding banks abroad may charge a fee for receiving payments
  • Manage your money in US dollars, pounds and euros, with a debit card for each currency
  • Worldwide travel insurance for you and your family


The everyday account – Santander

Top 7 US dollar currency accounts_Santander

The Gold Bank Account – Santander International

  • An international account that is available in US dollars, Euros and Sterling, each currency comes with its own debit card
  • No monthly fee
  • Monthly statements, to keep on top of your finances
  • Commission-fee rates whenever you need to change currency, although there is a charge applied for international payments and receipts
  • Online and telephone banking is available
  • Interest rates may vary


The independent account – TransferWise

Top 7 US dollar currency accounts_Transferwise

American Dollar Account – TransferWise

  • Get paid by a US employer easily
  • Access to US dollars and 40 other currencies
  • Obtain bank details for the US, UK and Australia
  • Access to a European IBAN
  • No fees paid
  • Money is protected from currency fluctuation


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