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Local lockdown scuppering UK holiday plans?

Home Messageboards Coronavirus Forum Local lockdown scuppering UK holiday plans?

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    Given the number of countries being added to the quarantine list, more people may be opting for domestic holidays instead.

    But what happens if their town is put into a local lockdown after they book? If the UK is generally open, but your town is under tighter restrictions that stop you travelling further afield, where would you stand with regard to getting a refund, or rescheduling…


    Good question! Generally this would be something that I would suggest you speak to your insurers about but it’s not necessarily the case that your policy would cover you. Different insurers are offering different packages when it comes to COVID-related cancellations.

    It’s unlikely that you could get a refund from a holiday just because you can’t get there, but it’s possible that if you call up your holiday provider and tell them the problem they might move the package for you, just to keep good relations.


    Also, if your hotel has to close because of the lockdown, they should give you a refund or offer an alternative date! If you’ve got train tickets booked, you should be able to refund them (unless on a super cheap non-refundable tariff), less an admin fee (usually £10).


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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