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    I bought some new Bras online and was really disappointed in the quality which did not reflect the price or the awards the company claimed (most definitely fake). I tried to return the items but the seller refuses to accept a return stating they will only exchange even though this is not what is stated on their website. I am so mad I was sucked in by their website!

    I have begun a claim against my credit card company for the amount (over £100). I have supplied them with evidence but my question to you is should I return at an additional cost to myself even though the company won’t agree to a refund?

    And will the credit card company expect me to have done this in order for them to pay out?

    Please can you help?!



    Jasmine Birtles

    Well done for doing something about this. I know what you mean about those social media ads – they look so good but regularly aren’t!

    In this case, as you have documented evidence of how bad the product is, together with the company’s refusal to refund you, I think it would be fine not to send them back.

    It’s certainly a good idea to pursue them through your credit card company. Actually, you can also do Chargeback through the card-issuer, even if the item is worth less than £100. If you send them all the details and the proof of your contact with the company – particularly their refusal to accept blame – then I’m sure they will be able to get the money back.

    If you have time, I would also complain to the social media company that they advertised on. They should know about it and if a lot of people complain then they will probably block the ads.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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