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What have you cut off to save money during lockdown?

Home Messageboards Work and HR Forum What have you cut off to save money during lockdown?

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    I’m trying to save money on a furloughed wage right now, just so I can keep a control on my money. I’ve stopped all of my health subscriptions and even heard one friend stop her phone contract. What are you all doing to save money right now?


    I used Virgin media’s Web form to take sky sports off our bill, saving £10 per month. I think sky are doing something similar.

    We swapped our now tv subscription for the better (for us) and cheaper Disney +, also you can save £2pm if you do it through o2.

    We’ve been using up oddments in the food cupboard to try and stretch our food budget.

    But by far our biggest savings have been those enforced upon us of no fuel, parking or nursery charges or those impulse spends on family days out which has enabled us to make savings each month. We are hoping to look to make some of these savings more long term even when this lockdown ends.


    I have put my Gym Subscription on hold, I am exercising at  home, but we seem to be spending more on food, I have found that the cost of food has risen, my husband usually works away all week, so I suppose we have an extra mouth to feed.


    I work from home anyway, so haven’t changed too much. However, I have saved a lot on going out for coffee. As a freelancer, it’s my treat to myself – take an hour out at the local cafe after a finished project, or to have some ‘cogitating time’ before starting one.

    I’ve also switched supermarkets and have stopped buying brand names (plus a lot more fruit and veg, which is much cheaper than processed stuff).

    Oh, and I cancelled my Xbox Live subscription and wangled the Audible three-months-reduced trick to halve the cost of that (you can do it by going to ‘cancel my membership’ and before cancelling it gives you the option for £3.99 a month instead of £7.99).

    Funnily enough, I’ve actually INVESTED in more subscriptions to save me more overall. As I work from home and am not a fan of going shopping anyway, I’ve bought a couple of those ‘£6.99 for a full year’s next-day delivery’ subscriptions for my favourite retailers. When delivery is usually at least £3.50 these days, it’s a no-brainer for someone who spends most of her money online!


    I don’t think we have cut off anything as such. we have spent far less on food as we have trouble getting it. and since im no longer out theres no meals out so have saved on that and petrol as no ones driving. but there not by choice its just because of the situation. I guess iv stopped impulse buys when im out since im at home all time. im eager to read what everyone else has been cutting off to save during this time. so hope more people reply soon. lol im very nosey.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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