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What’s been your biggest purchase since lockdown?

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    I read this thread on Twitter looking at what people have spent their money on since we went into lockdown – I’ve invested in a lot of skincare products and fitness equipment/clothes too to keep myself busy. What about you all?

    Here’s the thread in case you’re interested –


    Office furniture! I couldn’t look at wonky stacks of books on the floor any longer. Invested in a bookshelf and suddenly everything is much tidier.

    And also new patio furniture because sunshine.


    my mobile phone top ups. its costing me so much more than it used to keep in touch via text as my brother lives on his own, and has a different network to me to it costs to text (or call) but im deaf so I can only text. and he is doing the food shopping for us, so he continually asks me questions about almost everything on the list.

    since im terminally ill I have to make sure my phone always has plenty credit on it, incase I take worse and be in hospital, the hospice, or if something happens to my mam (main carer) then I get put in a home. so I have to be able to make sure I get things brought to me I need, update the family on any medical stuff, ask questions about their history too, and for general chitchat as its a lonely life. sadly i don’t have friends. im lucky to at least have family.

    was thinking of treating myself to some Pikachu things on amazon, but dragging my heels just now. feel like I should concentrate on finding food things.


    i think the thing i’ve spent the most money on is a barbecue, we have a little garden so to make my husband happier since the weather is better, we can have more time outside. it’s good for us to all get togehter as a family

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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