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More job scams

22nd May 2013

I’ve been hearing about yet more job scams posted on internet sites (particularly sites like Craigslist and Gumtree). Most of them sound too good to be true and that’s the first test of whether something is a con or not. Seriously, if they’re offering loads of cash for a really easy job and want to…

How to save £1,900 a year by cycling

30th Apr 2013

Did you know the average cyclist has the fitness levels of someone ten years their junior? So it’s no wonder that Britain now has around 27 million cyclists leaving the car behind and embracing the outdoors. Cycling isn’t only a way to maintain your health and fitness levels, though. This environmentally-friendly means of transport can also…

Cheap days out: Bank Holiday on a budget

30th Apr 2013

Whatever the weather this Easter Bank Holiday, there are still lots of ways you can have fun on the cheap. We’ve found you a host of ways for you and the family to spend the weekend without delving too deep into your pocket – in fact some of them won’t cost you a penny! Entertainment…

UK holiday idea: a weekend in rural Liverpool

17th Mar 2013

“Rural Liverpool!?” you ask… ‘Rural’ may not be the first word that comes to mind when you think of Liverpool, but look again. Not only is the city blessed with fabulous parks and green spaces but it is surrounded by fantastic countryside and, of course, rivers, sea and marshlands. Come for a weekend and you…

Top 10 phone scams and how to avoid them

22nd Oct 2012

Phone scams can often be difficult to recognise. They can range from anonymous text messages and ghost calls to cheap ringtone promotions and insurance deals. Below is a list of 10 common phone scams with advice on how to avoid them and how to report suspicious calls or text messages. Top 10 phone scams How…

Charity credit cards – are they worth it?

12th Oct 2012

Updated: 5/01/2012 In an ideal world all of us want to be able to give money to charity, but when times are tight it’s not always possible. But what if you could help out a worthwhile cause as you spend, no matter what you’re buying, and with no extra effort? That’s what charity credit cards…

First-time buyer mortgages – light at the end of the tunnel?

1st Oct 2012

I’ve been writing and talking about the difficulties the first-time buyer (and some ‘second-steppers’) is facing in this tough mortgage market. Here’s the piece I wrote for Metro last week  (about the 5th one down) and I was also on the Alan Titchmarsh show with Martin Roberts, talking about how people can get on the…

Get your ESTA now – don’t be fooled like I was!

29th Aug 2012

August 2012 – There’s only a week or so to go before millions of UK travellers who applied for a free two-year permit to travel to the US have to renew it…at a cost! I found this out to my cost back in May when I travelled to the States, thinking that my ESTA visa (the…

Beware airline ticket fraud

1st Aug 2012

Shocking new research from Action Fraud has revealed that 151 airline ticket frauds have taken place since January. How the scam works is that fraudulent operators claiming to be official agents buy the tickets on behalf of consumers before cancelling them once the airline has issued the tickets. There have also been cases of non-existent…

Discover Eastbourne!

10th Jul 2012

If you’re looking for a British break with a difference this summer, sun-drenched Eastbourne has everything you could possibly desire for a fun, relaxing holiday. MoneyMagpie recently enjoyed a trip to ‘The Sunshine Coast’, – so whether you’re visiting Beachy Head, taking in an airshow or indulging in water sports, we’ve got all the info…

What on earth is a FTSE?

23rd Apr 2012

You hear about the all-important FTSE (pronounced ‘footsie’) on the news and in the press. But what exactly is a FTSE, and why is it so important whether it goes up or down?  This clear, down-to-earth guide tells you everything you need to know and reveals how you can make serious money trading on the…

13 Lucky Ways To Cut Your Driving Costs

14th Mar 2012

Today it costs almost £100 to fill-up a family car with unleaded. While that’s eye-wateringly high, there are loads of changes you can make – both big and small – that will really have an impact on the amount you spend as a driver. Moneymagpie reveals our 13 lucky money-saving motoring tips right here.