Make money from designer fashion

Reading Time: 9 mins Collecting designer fashion is a quiet market, but racks up thousands of pounds at auctions. Investment in a designer or a certain fashion decade is like collecting art and goes hand in hand with the trend for vintage. Aesthetics aside, there is big money to be made in collecting couture. What to collect? How much could … read more

Make money from police auctions in 4 easy steps

Reading Time: 5 mins There are plenty of great bargains awaiting you at police auctions. Anyone can attend a police or government-run auction where you can snatch up great deals on things like bikes, laptops and trainers (often paying less than half their market price). Police are auctioning off property all the time that has been seized or handed … read more

Make money when it snows

Reading Time: 8 mins Snow trapped you at home? It may just be the money-making opportunity you need. If the weather has you bored out of your trousers indoors, don’t let this down-time go to waste. Make the most of it. In fact, make it earn you money. Find out here how you can earn cash from the snow, … read more

Make money answering the phone

Reading Time: 7 mins If you’re looking for a new way to make money, perhaps as a way to combat unemployment or as a change of scenery from your current job, one option is to set up a call-handling service and make money from answering the phone. This would suit just about anyone with space for a desk and … read more

Make Money Beekeeping

Reading Time: 8 mins Want to make money doing something completely unique? We’ve got a suggestion: beekeeping. Not only can you make money beekeeping, but there are other benefits too: helping to create honey is great for the environment, for example. Honey bees are dying all around the world, and new beekeepers are needed everywhere to increase the stock. … read more

10 ways to save money by buying in bulk

Reading Time: 6 mins There’s strength in numbers, they say, but did you know there’s also money-saving to be had if you’re buying in bulk? Everything from food to energy, holidays to nappies could be bought cheaper if you buy a lot in one go. Here are ten cool ways to save when you buy in bulk. Groceries: buy … read more

7 Ways to make money from your holiday

Reading Time: 7 mins If you’ve been avoiding that much-needed vacation due to the gaping hole it will leave in your pocket at the end, it’s time to reconsider. Firstly, taking a proper break every now and then does wonders for productivity, which means you’ll be able to put a lot more energy into earning your living when you … read more

4 ways to make money in a recession

Reading Time: 7 mins News of a recession, redundancies, mass bankruptcies and so on can spread fear and despair around the country. Quite often people feel so depressed by this news that they don’t even bother to try to make money. However, for those who refuse to be hypnotised by media gloom there are always ways of coping and … read more

How to make money with pigeon racing

Reading Time: 4 mins If you think pigeon racing is just a quaint pastime for those who have nothing better to do with their weekends, think again! With substantial amounts up for grabs as prize money for competition winners, it certainly could end up being a rather lucrative hobby. Let’s take a little peek into the wonderful world of … read more

The top five money making trends of 2020

Reading Time: 3 mins We’re now well into 2020, and like last year, we’ve complied a list of the top 5 money making trends that are happening right now. Each of them is something you can get involved in to earn some extra cash. The trends are likely to have evolved somewhat since we covered this topic last year … read more

How to make money from heavy snow

Reading Time: 5 mins If you want to make money from bad weather, there are a huge number of ways to do so. Snow is the biggest money maker when it comes to earning extra income from atmospheric conditions, as it’s the hardest to manage when it comes down heavily. If predictions are to be believed, and the UK … read more

The 12 scams of Christmas

Reading Time: 5 mins As the festive season is fast approaching, most people will be thinking about how they’re going to spend Christmas and what they need to do to prepare for the big day and celebrations over the break. But it is important to be wary of scams. There are others out there who will be preparing for … read more

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