10 ways to save money by buying in bulk

17 July 2019
Reading Time: 6 mins

There’s strength in numbers, they say, but did you know there’s also money-saving to be had if you’re buying in bulk?

Everything from food to energy, holidays to nappies could be bought cheaper if you buy a lot in one go.

Here are ten cool ways to save when you buy in bulk.

  1. Groceries: buy in bulk with friends
  2. Get discounts for groups in restaurants
  3. Save with Eurostar
  4. Bulk buy holidays
  5. Bulk buy electronics with friends
  6. Join a wholesaler
  7. Bulk Buy to resell
  8. Get cheaper UK train tickets
  9. Bulk buy at auctions
  10. Bulk buy mobile phone SIMs

1. Buy groceries in bulk with friends


If you have a market locally or a big supermarket that has special bulk offers, you can get together with friends and neighbours, pool your money and buy food and household goods to share between you.

That way, you can take advantage of the cheap, bulk deal but only have the goods you want. Because very often the problem with 3 for 2 or BOGOF deals is that you can only manage to eat one or two and the remaining one goes bad. If you share them out between friends, neighbours and family members you get the best of both worlds.

2. Get discounts for groups at restaurants.

If you can go out in a big group, you’ve got haggling power to get a group discount, free bottles of wine or even negotiate a set menu rate.

This can save you money and it makes working out the bill at the end much easier.

Eating out early in the week should get you even better deals as this is when restaurants find it hardest to fill up their tables. Similarly, early meals – like 5-6.30pm – can give you more scope for getting a discount.

This is the thinking behind 5pm.co.uk which recognised how cheap early dining can be. Check out the site for new deals.

Also, of course, OpenTable has regular offers and can help with group bookings.

You can also just phone round the restaurants in your area to see which one will give you a good deal.

Play them off against each other too. If you especially want to go to one place but another venue is offering you a better deal, ask your favourite if they will match the offer. It’s always worth an ask, particularly if you’re bringing a big group in.

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