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£1,000 fine for not renewing your driving licence photo

Tom James 6th Feb 2012 No Comments

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Millions of drivers are at risk of a £1000 fine for not renewing their driving licence photo. Many may not be aware that the photo on their driving licence must be renewed every ten years, and a recent Freedom of Information request by Sainsbury’s Car Insurance has shown that more than 1.6m people could face the penalty for expired photographs.

A further study by Sainsbury’s showed that just one in three people were aware their licence had expired so check yours sooner rather than later! Be aware that another 2.9 million photographs are also due for renewal by the end of 2012.

The DVLA will send out reminders to those who need to update their photo, but if you have recently changed address or name and not told the DVLA you will not be reminded! Those with an old-style paper licence are not affected, but do still need to notify the DVLA of address or name changes.

As well as the fine, those without up-to-date photos could also face problems with car hire so make sure it doesn’t affect you.

Provided your licence has not expired, if you tell the DVLA of your address or name change the replacement licence will be free of charge.

It costs £20 to renew your photocard licence and you can find out how to renew it here. 

If you want to check when you need to update your photo, look at the date next to the number 4b on your licence.

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