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12 rich celebs who live frugally

MoneyMagpie team 3rd Jan 2015 One Comment

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We’re all used to seeing A-listers living lavish lifestyles. But, not all of them blow their fortune on fast cars, grand properties and expensive nights out.

In fact, some of the cleverer ones know how to keep hold of their cash by being wise with what they’ve got. Some of them live pretty much like you and me.

Pick up a tips from these celebs who live frugally despite their fortunes!

1) James McAvoy

12 rich celebs who live frugallyThe British actor has starred alongside Angelina Jolie and Keira Knightly and most recently played a lead in the much talked about new blockbuster Days of Future Past.

He has won a BAFTA and several other awards for best actor. It would be reasonable to imagine McAvoy living in a mansion somewhere, spending his money on lavish, expensive purchases.

However, McAvoy could not be more different and does not lead the typical celebrity lifestyle. He appears to lead a very modest and humble lifestyle.

  • He lives with his wife, Anne-Marie Duff, in a small apartment in North London where they regularly shop at their local Budgens supermarket.
  • Also, McAvoy has little interest in extravagant purchases and flash cars, opting for a much more modest vehicle, a £1,000 Nissan Micra.

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2) Sarah Jessica Parker

12 rich celebs who live frugallyThe famous American ‘Sex in the City’ actress could not be more different from her character Carrie, whose favourite hobby is to spend excessively on expensive designer shoes. Parker’s current net worth amounts to $90 million, however due to her impoverished childhood she is extra conscious and careful when it comes to money.

  • She kept all the clothes that she wore as Carrie in ‘Sex in the City’ to save on clothes shopping
  • She even dresses her son in mostly ‘hand me downs’.
  • She emphasises in interviews that she does not want her son living in a dream world and this is why she tries to lead a modest, more reserved lifestyle.

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3) Shailene Woodley

12 rich celebs who live frugallyThe star of the popular 2014 teenage franchise ‘Divergent’ is another celeb who leads a surprisingly modest lifestyle. Although her net worth equals $9 million she doesn’t live like a multi-millionaire.

  • Woodley does not currently own a property after selling her LA home. She realised she was only using the property for 15 days a year and thought this was a terrible waste. Instead, Woodley stays with friends and family to save money.
  • She makes her own beauty products and soaps.
  • She has expressed a strong dislike of expensive clothes, makeup and fashion, preferring the high street brands.

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 4) Susan Boyle

celebs who live frugallyThe worldwide sensation who gave us all goose bumps when she sang on Britain’s got Talent in 2009 certainly has been living the dream ever since. In 2012 Boyle’s net worth was estimated at £22 million.

However, since rising to fame she has remained incredibly down to earth.

  • She still lives in her humble council house in Blackburn where she grew up but now happily owns it.
  • Boyle still buys her clothes from Tesco and hops on the local bus in Blackburn to visit the town.
  • She has used her fortune to help numerous charities and has never lost touch with her local community.

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5) Sir Paul McCartney

12 rich celebs who live frugallyThe English musician and former member of the Beatles is estimated to be worth an astonishing $830 million, however McCartney is another star who does not live as lavishly as you would think.

  • His daughter Stella McCartney complained that McCartney would only pay for her university tuition if she chose a more affordable university, not an expensive private one.
  • In addition, he has been known to charge guests for drinks at his parties. A good money saving tip but not always the best way to make friends!


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6) Jennifer Lawrence

The down to earth star of ‘The Hunger Games’ trilogy is well known for livin12 rich celebs who live frugallyg a frugal lifestyle even though the trilogy massively increased her wealth and fame.

  • She does her own shopping, is a big fan of coupons and confesses to cringing over paying $4 for her car to be valet parked.
  • After the success of the first film in the trilogy she chose to remain living in her modest, comfortable apartment and showed little interest in upgrading.

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7) Keira Knightly

12 rich celebs who live frugallyThe famous British actress is another celebrity who knows how to budget.

  • The sought-after actress had a very simple, low key wedding when she married English musician James Righton with 11 guests at the ceremony and 50 at the reception.
  • Additionally, Knightly did not spend a penny on new makeup or clothes for her big day. Instead she took a very relaxed approach and re-used her current beauty favourites.
  • There were no bridezilla moments for Knightly who re-wore a Chanel dress she already had in her wardrobe for her special day.

This shows you can have the perfect wedding through recycling and without over-indulging.

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8) Renee Zellweger

12 rich celebs who live frugallyRenee Zellweger, the loveable star of Bridget Jones’s Diary, knows the value of money. With a net worth of $45 million it wouldn’t be surprising if Zellweger was excessive with her spending.

On the red carpet, Zellweger is photographed wearing costly gowns, however in her day to day life she is very level headed with money.

  • She is an active user of coupons and looks for good bargains when out food shopping.
  • She has her father to thank for her frugal attitude to spending, who she has described as an extremely hard worker who taught her the importance of saving and being grateful for what you have.

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9) Sir David John White (aka David Jason)

The versatile English actor best known for his role as “Del Boy” from the Only Fools and Horses has claimed that ‘Britain has lost the art of living frugally’ and expresses shock at the amount Britons waste in supermarkets and overspend on expensive takeaway food.

  • To save money and to avoid overspending Jason has always cooked cheap homemade stews which he makes the week before.
  • Jason encourages parents to teach the younger generation how to cook healthy stews and basic meals which are a much cheaper and healthier alternative.

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10) Davina McCall

The popular British television presente12 rich celebs who live frugallyr has described herself as much more of a saver than a spender and has no interest in expensive designer clothes or splurging on extravagant purchases.

  • She is much happier wearing high street brands and is very financially cautious.
  • Her sensible attitude regarding money comes from financial difficulties in the past and being overdrawn to the tune of £3000 at the age of 17. She has emphasised how hard she found it to pay this debt back and as a result was banned from using credit or debit cards.

McCall is another celebrity super saver who promises to educate her children about the value of money and refuses to spoil them.

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11) Robert Pattinson

12 rich celebs who live frugally


The British heartthrob is not your typical cash flashing celebrity when it comes to finances.

His net worth may be a huge $215 million, but this doesn’t stop Pattinson looking for a good deal and saving money.

  • Pattinson looks for bargains and purchased his previous cars off of the Craigslist website  – a car that cost a mere $2,500 dollars.


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12) Kate Middleton

12 rich celebs who live frugallyThe Duchess of Cambridge is another wealthy famous face that leads a surprisingly modest lifestyle and isn’t known for living large.

  • Kate is well-known for refusing a stylist or dresser which she perceived as a waste of money.
  • She regularly re-wears outfits and tries to make them look original and fresh by wearing different accessories.
  • She frequents online stores and sales so much that designers have complained about finding it difficult to copy her look. This is because many of her items of clothing are from the sale or from previous seasons and are no longer available.
  • She is renowned for her love of high street brands.
  • She did her own makeup for her engagement photos and wedding.
  • She and Prince William live without servants and do their own food shopping – Kate always hunts for a bargain.

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Do you know of any celebrities that we’ve missed, that lead modest lifestyles? Let us know in the comments section below.

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