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Brits changing energy usage habits to offset rising bills, energy savers report finds

Vicky Parry 12th Apr 2022 No Comments

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MoneyMagpie have co-authored the energy savers report as part of a bid to help people during the current energy crisis. By explaining people’s energy habits, we hope that it helps them then understand how they consume and what the best measures to take are.
With the price cap coming into effect this month, three quarters of Brits have reportedly changed the way they consume energy. However, the remaining quarter of people are apparently confused by the abundance of conflicting public energy-saving advice, and are still doing things like hand-washing their dishes to save using a dishwasher, or leaving the heating on low instead of turning it on and off: both of which are actually money-saving myths.

What actually helps us save money?



Therefore the campaign has researched which of these practises are actually the most effective and it seems that practises such as filling the kettle with the amount of water needed, beefing up home insulation, or getting a smart meter are seen as the most effective ways of managing energy consumption in the home.

who else has joined the campaign

As such, Smart Energy GB, together with Helen Skelton, Dominic Littlewood and MoneyMagpie have co-authored the Super Smart Energy Savers Report, which provides useful information to get the most out of your household budget.
Vicky Parry, editor here at MoneyMagpie: “Costs in various aspects of life are rising – in energy, but also fuel and food. Alongside rising interest rates, this means that the new energy price cap will impact households across the UK. With this in mind, it’s fair to say that many people are feeling anxious regarding their finances, which has led to so many seeking debt advice.
“But we don’t want people to panic and are keen to share our expertise in how households can manage their money. We hope these tips will provide some much-needed clarity and support in helping households manage their finances through a turbulent year.” We also offer resources for if you can’t pay your bill here.
Helen Skelton, a trusted voice on consumer issues and co-author of the Super Smart Energy Savers Report comments: “It’s worrying to feel that the cost of your energy bill is completely out of your control, but unfortunately the price cap increase means that this is now the case for so many people across the UK.
“People need tangible, long-term solutions. Whilst there are elements of the cost-of-living crisis we can’t control, taking steps like getting a smart meter to monitor energy use and being mindful of how long your devices are on for can go some way to helping Brits feel more equipped and in control of their household budgets.”

Super Smart Energy Savers


the saving report

Victoria Bacon, Director at Smart Energy GB, comments: “With the cost-of-living crisis set to continue and energy bills rising across Great Britain, it’s vital that households understand what energy habits are having the biggest impact on their bills.
“I’m pleased to launch the new Super Smart Energy Savers Report alongside a panel of experts and consumer champions, to help people to see what support is available so they can regain control of their energy bills. Our research shows that many people are still in the dark on what impact some actions will have, but making small changes to how we use energy at home with the help of a smart meter can make a big difference.”
 Smart meters are most useful for people on a prepay tariff, which means they can easily top up via their mobile or online, and also see the stage of your supply: whether they’re close to dropping as low as emergency credit.
For more information on the Super Smart Energy Savers Report and to find out more about getting a smart meter installed, search ‘get a smart meter’.
Access to the full report here.
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