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Card reader scam

Kamal Khurana 24th Oct 2012 No Comments

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We thought we would warn you of a new card reader scam we have recently heard about.

The scam works like this…

A courier phones to say that he is checking that you are in as he has a parcel to deliver.  On arrival he gets you to sign his machine to acknowledge a receipt.  He then says that there is a small amount of money to pay on the parcel and it is only a small amount so you don’t query it.  He tells you he isn’t allowed to accept cash, can you just pop your credit or debit card in his card reader.  Bingo!  He has all your credit card details plus your signature, all he needs to remove all your money!

This kind of scam can fool the best of us so be aware, stay on guard and report any suspicious behaviour around your local area.

Read more about scams here

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